UW–Madison tribute to academic freedom (Bascom Hall)

Since my kids’ recent graduation from UW Madison, I have great affection and concern for the well-being of the remaining 40,000 young souls trudging around our hometown campus every day.  As they heft their backpacks across miles of campus in search of learning and wisdom, it is my hope that this liberal campus does not succeed in excluding millenia of cumulative Judeo-Christian wisdom from consideration, in the sifting and winnowing process that UW Madison boasts of at Bascom Hall.

Finding some articles which promoted promiscuity and pornography to new students in the local student paper this fall  (authored by a “sexual health educator”), one of my back-to-school projects is to begin refuting those misleading and widespread articles with some truths.

The articles I found completely disregard the health implications of promiscuous behavior, which can have life-changing implications for students.  Regarding sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s), the subject of this post, I came across some pretty interesting information —

  • 25% of all college students have STD’s, and 65% of all STD’s occur in people under the age of 25.
  • For an idea of what kind of life you can expect with STD’s, see this Oprah YouTube , 10/7/2010:
    [pro-player width=’560′ height=’340′ type=’video’]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FsLc68aqbdM[/pro-player]

. (The Oprah YouTube has been removed.  See transcript of this Oprah segment.)

  • Regarding using “protection” – the use of condoms results in only 85% prevention of either pregnancy or STDs, including HIV.  That means that 1 woman out of 7 will be pregnant within one year, and a comparable, paltry 85% reduction in HIV infection can be expected.

To college students — is this the type of gamble you would like to take with your life and with your future?

This is what the Church, your parents, and “religious people” are trying to protect you from.  God invented knowledge, wisdom and love.  Since liberal UW Madison will not teach you God’s brand of wisdom, research it on your own.

St.Pauls’ University Catholic Center

Madison’s “Isthmus” Cathedral Parish