The Isthmus cover of  May 13, 2011 (paper issue) very appropriately illustrates the lead story, The New Activists, with the image of a man blowing a vuvuzela, the Wisconsin State Capitol in the background.  The vuvuzela is a long plastic African horn that has become famous for disrupting the Soccer World Cup games in South Africa and for driving players and fans mad. The behavior of Madison’s new activists WAS loud and obnoxious in recent months, and many DID bring vuvuzelas to disrupt and to inspire fear with their noise:

Vuvuzelas at World Cup



“Fans and competitors from outside South Africa often complain that today’s vuvuzela doesn’t inspire fear or amazement, just irritation, and that its sound is a loud, unwelcome and unpleasant distraction.” –ABC news


Less appropriately, the article INSIDE the Isthmus fails to mention the noise, disruption and unruliness of the new activists participating in the demonstrations against Governor Walker at the Madison Capitol in recent months.  Neither vuvuzelas, drums, whistles, megaphones, nor angry chants and rude posters, all of which were ubiquitous during the downtown demonstrations, are mentioned in the Isthmus article.   The Isthmus article focuses instead on describing four interesting individuals, their use of music, T-shirts, social media (twitter), and business groups, in implementing their protests.

Well, maybe four people did do that.  🙂

Angry Liberals at Wisconsin Capitol


The new, much more aggressive and uncivilized behavior of the “new activists,” not discussed by  Isthmus, IS discussed at Clashes between Liberals and Conservatives – Washington, United Nations, Madison — Common denominator?

These tactics are called Alinsky tactics, previously known as “dirty fighting.”  Drowning out and ridiculing the opposition are common, as well as demonizing opponents, backtracking on promises, outright lying, death threats, and property damage.

Wisconsin Capitol Protesters

Now that conservatives have been voted into office in Wisconsin, liberals seem more willing to use any means whatsoever to further their agenda against the wishes of the majority, to stymie the progress of democratic rule.  This is where the REAL story is found, and Isthmus should write about THAT.

With the “new activists,” ridicule is the primary weapon, and conservative values are the primary target.


More You Tube examples of liberals using Alinsky tactics in Madison:

Man screaming repeatedly at Sarah Palin

Liberal crowd doing their best to drown out 14 year old speaker

Leftists booing Star spangled Banner

Man cursing at 14 year old speaker

Alinsky tactics used by President Obama:

Even our President is adopting these techniques – watch President Obama  ridiculing the Mexican border security issue, where numerous people on both sides have lost their lives:

Message for Isthmus

Hey, Isthmus — some news for you — the “new activists,” at every level, from citizen on the street to President, are using a great deal more than just music, T-shirts, twitter, and business groups to promote their agenda– they are violating all previous rules of civilized behavior and decency and are using Alinsky tactics which include ridicule, lying, and death threats.  This is not activism, this is terrorism.