Media malpractice and Justice Prosser


We’re still in the U.S.A., aren’t we?

In typical Madison fashion, the biased media has yet again given voice to radicals – now to militant feminists and atheists –  in their attempts to smear Justice Prosser.

Isthmus – Madison’s radical “news” paper. No mention of the fact that Justice Bradley may in fact be the guilty party.

Justice Prosser has my support until someone is proven guilty —  we’re still in the U.S.A., arent’ we?

My contribution at Isthmus:

This story is a prime example of media malpractice.

No mention of the fact that numerous witnesses claim that Prosser was attacked by Bradley, not vice-versa? See .

To make matters worse, radical females – militant atheist leaders and pro-abortion leaders are leading the attack on Justice Prosser.

How dare they pretend to represent all women, and how can Isthmus cast this twisted attack on Justice Prosser in a pro-woman light?

Tragically, abortion is used globally to eliminate female children selectively, a problem a bit more serious than whether Judge Prosser touched Judge Bradley’s neck while fending off her fisted assault on him.

Finally, if witnesses are anything to go by, Judge Bradley is not only guilty of assault, but also of shameful blatant lies and slander.

Judge Bradley should step down from her duties. Period.