Abortion- a Much Bigger Deal Than You Think!


Taking Life and Death Out of the Hands of Providence and Placing them into the Hands of Human Beings Paves the Way for Tyranny


Why Democrats Should Rethink Abortion


January 22, 2012 marked 39 years since Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court decision which legalized abortion in the United States (1973).

For 39 years, we have been terminating pregnancies clandestinely, most of us giving little thought to the ethics, economic implications, medical dangers, psychological effects, or any other aspect of abortion.

Media does not discuss abortion.  Friends and relatives rarely mention abortion.  Yet one third of all children conceived since 1973 in the US (54 million of them) have been aborted.  That means that 15% of our population is missing, and that one out of every 7 people is missing.  And, if you consider that they would also have had  some children, the number missing is even greater.  Many of us may be missing brothers and sisters about whom we know nothing.  Scores of women we know have aborted children, and most of us know nothing about it.


The present article reviews the enormity of abortion, its effects on our entire society, and the exploitation of whole populations by modern politicians, who appear to be motivated by the same quest for power and gain as famous historical tyrants.


The central questions:

Is abortion right or wrong?
Is abortion a big deal?
How much is 52 million?
Do most Americans favor abortion?
Are women who have had abortions better off?
Why do most women avoid discussing their abortions?
Is a fetus a dispensable blob of tissue (see photo above), or is it a human being with a right to life guaranteed by the US Constitution?
Have we done anything to imbalance our society and our economy with all of this abortion?
What are the major motivations of abortion proponents?


Ethical Controversy- Is Abortion Right or Wrong?

The most important controversy over abortion centers on ethics.  Conservatives maintain that abortion involves the murder of a human being, and that murder of inconvenient humans is not to be tolerated by our society.  Liberals view abortion as a more benign event – just a convenience.

If abortion were to constitute murder, then even one abortion would be horrifying and revolting.  Yet little effort has been made during the past 39 years to determine whether abortion constitutes murder or not.  Religious leaders (ethical experts) are not consulted.  The American population (70% Christian, 80% religious) has never been consulted; there are no elections regarding abortion. Government has made no attempt to determine whether a fetus is a dispensable blob of tissue, or a human being with a right to life guaranteed by the US Constitution.

A handful of judges made a decision in 1973 permitting abortion, and that decision has stood.  Now, again, President Obama’s administration has gone on a national and global campaign to spread “reproductive rights,” which include abortion, using federal subsidies. There has been no effort to seek ethical expert advice, and no effort to seek input from the American public. The abortion agenda has now been included in Obama Care despite Obama’s promises that it would not be, and abortion is being pushed globally at the United Nations by Hillary Clinton, who has even lied at the United Nations misrepresenting the Catholic Church’s position on gender issues to gain support for global “reproductive rights” issues, which include abortion.

Is Abortion a Big Deal? Is it Really such a Big Killer?

If conservatives are right, and abortion truly constitutes the murder of a helpless human being, how does U.S. abortion compare with other human atrocities/casualties historically?  The comparison does not look good.  We have killed 130 times more people than the US lost in World War II casualties, 9 times more people than Jews lost in the Holocaust, 4 times more people than Hitler is responsible for killing, 3 times more people than Josef Stalin is accused of killing, and twice as many as were lost in the Bubonic Plague.  In fact, the number of our own children whom we have killed in the US since Roe v. Wade is equal to the sum of all the above-mentioned mass killings.

Numbers – How much is 54 million?

Other issues, such as the number of missing human beings, should be of interest to both sides of the abortion question.  The termination of large numbers of human lives has an effect on population, on the age, gender and racial composition of society, and on the economy.  The more abortions performed, the greater the effect.

How many abortions occur in the US each year, and how do those numbers compare with other events which impact our human population?

The annual number of abortions in the United States is 1.4 million.  Actually, abortion is the single highest annual cause of death in the United States by far.  No other event, criminal, accidental or medical, is responsible for as many deaths as abortion. You have to lump most medical causes of death together, including the top 12 killers (Heart disease, Cancer, Respiratory Disease, Stroke, Alzheimers, Diabetes, Influenza/Pneumonia and others), to get a number in the same ballpark as abortion; 1.8 million annual deaths from the top 12 diseases, compared with 1.4 million annual deaths by abortion. But without lumping together of diseases, abortion is WAY the biggest killer.

All other causes of death are dwarfed by abortion.  Abortion kills 14 times as many people as accidents, 28 times as many people as firearms, 47 times as many as suicide, 47 times as many as auto accidents, 47 times as many as infant mortality,  70 times as many as AIDS, and 70 times as many as homicide.

The numbers are staggering.  About 50% of American deaths each year are due to adult/old age illness, compared with 37%  due to abortion, 3% to accidents, 1% each to firearms, suicide, auto accidents, infant mortality, and less than 1% each to AIDS and homicide.

Number of annual U.S. deaths % of deaths
Total Deaths 3.8 million 100%
Top 12 medical causes 1.8 million 47%
Abortion 1.4 million 37%
Accidental 0.1 million 3%
Firearm 0.05 million 1%
Suicide 0.03 million 1%
Automotive 0.03 1%
Infant mortality 0.03 1%
AIDS 0.02 <1%
Homicide 0.02 <1%

Why is this not being reported by the media?
What effect will this have on our future?

The selective elimination of 15% of a population has profound effects on a society; effects which should concern even those who do not consider abortion as murder.

The elimination of human beings poses numerous economic, legal and ethical challenges which our society is now beginning to face.

The media has been virtually silent on this very crucial question.
Is this because of “political correctness?”

Effect of Abortion on Black Population

Abortion leads to the disruption of the racial composition of our population; far more black children have been aborted than white.  This exposes abortion advocates to accusations of bigotry and of genocide.  Whether it is intentional or not, abortion has eliminated disproportionately large numbers of black babies, effectively reducing the black population of the United States.  Black babies are five times more likely to be aborted than white babies, according to data from the US Center for Disease Control.  Abortion advocates, including our black President, ought to be concerned about this.

Planned Parenthood, contrary to it’s title, does little planning of parenthood, but instead has become the largest abortion provider in the United States, with 820 clinics and a $1 billion budget.  Their main activity and main source of revenue is abortion, and directors of Planned Parenthood Clinics have been known to resign once they figured out the real agenda at Planned Parenthood; abortion.

Margaret Sanger speaks to KKK women

Planned Parenthood was founded by Margaret Sanger, a eugenicist who openly advocated the reduction of black and poor populations through birth controlSanger believed that lighter-skinned races were superior to darker-skinned races. Now, the organization founded by Margaret Sanger has become the largest abortion provider in the US.  Coincidence?  Or serious accusation?

“I accepted an invitation to talk to the women’s branch of the Ku Klux Klan…I saw through the door dim figures parading with banners and illuminated crosses…I was escorted to the platform, was introduced, and began to speak…In the end, through simple illustrations I believed I had accomplished my purpose. A dozen invitations to speak to similar groups were proffered.”
-Margaret Sanger: An Autobiography, P.366

The founder of Planned Parenthood actually had the reduction of black and poor populations in mind; can this motivation still be assigned to those of her successors who push the abortion agenda so zealously today?


Effect of Abortion on Gender distribution

There is already evidence from the 2000 census that the combination of prenatal testing and abortion is being used for sex selection in the United States. In China, the problem is much larger, and China is already facing the obvious problems of sex-ratio imbalance, which has numerous societal repercussions, including criminal and economic effects.  We could be headed in that direction, too.  What kind of nation would selectively kill women?  Don’t women’s rights begin in the womb?

Effect of Abortion on Economy

Abortion also has drastic effects on the age balance and earning potential of a population.


Disruption of the age balance of a population leads to numerous economic challenges.

Abortion reduces the proportion of young people in a society.  Some, like Nancy Pelosi, view young people as a burden and expense on society, and believe that abortion will save money; however this is a very shortsighted view, since young people are also those who grow up to work, to produce and to shoulder responsibility in a society, responsibility from which elders have retired.  If you eliminate those who work and pay the bills, society is in trouble.  As the number of young people shrinks and the number of old people grows (see dynamic graph above), it becomes more and more impossible to care for elders effectively.

Shrinking numbers of (aborted) young workers, increasing numbers of working women, and the escalating cost of professional elder care, have already made the cost of elder care staggering. Professional care of elders is much more costly than elder care by families at home.

The median American household income ($50,000) cannot begin to support the average cost of a nursing home ($70,000) for each elder, when a society becomes imbalanced by age.  This is another bubble on the verge of bursting; a society that is not replenished through new births is not likely to deal well with these new issues.

Pope John Paul II’s statement “A nation that kills its own children is a nation without hope” becomes more than an ethical/moral pronouncement; it becomes an economic prediction as well.   Ironically, many of the religious standards recently discarded by secular leaders turn out to be wise and prudent standards.  When we toy with new experimental standards for society, we run into unforeseen problems.  Why is it not apparent to skeptics that there IS a God after all, a wise and loving God, who actually DID take the trouble to give us some rules for our own protection?  The more we depart from traditional Judeo-Christian rules, the deeper the trouble we seem to encounter.

Who Supports Abortion?  Democrats?

Abortion was NOT associated with one political party platform for quite a while after its legalization in 1973.  Many leading Democrats opposed abortion at first.  The names will surprise you: Senate majority leader Harry Reid opposed abortion as recently as 1999Joe Biden, Al Gore, Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy used to oppose abortion, too.

Harry Reid, Joe Biden, Al Gore, Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton

“Legalization of abortion on demand is not in accordance with the value which our civilization places on human life.”
– Ted Kennedy

At first, from 1976 to 1984 the Democratic Party platform actually included language that hedged on abortion.  The party started wavering on abortion by 1988, and by 1992 the leadership had embraced abortion thoroughly enough to ban pro-life speakers from their conventions.  The party membership was not yet aware of these decisions; the leadership feared that pro-life Democrats (61% of whom were unaware of their party’s platform on abortion) would leave if they found out (First Things).

And eventually, leave they did.  First Things (Joe Carter) reports that when Democratic voters realized what was happening, a “seismic shift” occurred.  The Democratic Party lost its dominance over the legislature for the first time in 40 years, and the Democrats lost control of both House and Senate for 12 years.

What does America think about abortion?

Most Americans favor the banning or limitation of abortion, yet there is little discussion of this question by the media.

  • Much of America opposes abortion altogether (the split between “pro-life” and “pro-choice” hovers around the 50/50% mark; 61% say that abortion should be legal under few or no circumstances; 51% say abortion is “morally wrong; 39% say abortion is morally acceptable) . – Gallup Poll; Womens Rights and Abortion.
  • Even more Americans oppose federal funding of abortion. (67% oppose federal funding of abortion)
  • Gallup has not conducted a poll on FORCING U.S. religious institutions to provide abortion as the Obama administration is now attempting to do, but one could predict the results of such a poll.  If 67% of Americans oppose federal funding of abortion (above), the number of Americans opposing forcing religious institutions to provide abortion would likely be greater than 67%.

Are Women Who Have Had Abortions Better Off?

Despite the fact that a long string of radical feminists (including Nancy Pelosi) continue to maintain that children are burdensome and that women benefit from liberation from bearing children, all evidence seems to point to the contrary.  Women who abort their children become susceptible to a wide variety of medical and psychological disorders; medical complications in 10% of women, psychological disorders, increased future incidence of miscarriage and breast cancer, and even effects on the woman’s other children.

This is not surprising to those who understand abortion to be murder.  If a woman has murdered a family member, it is not surprising that the natural inborn mechanisms of guilt and regret are set in motion, and begin to cripple her emotional/psychological well-being.

Few women feel liberated by their abortions.  This is probably responsible for the fact that few women discuss their abortions.  It is innately obvious to most of us that abortion is wrong, just as other moral principles, like the need for prohibition of stealing and of marital infidelity are innately obvious to most people.

The biggest loss never mentioned by abortion advocates is the permanents loss of one’s own child; children are what most people value more than anything else later in life.  The small inconvenience of raising children for a decade or two is more than compensated by the joy of family for decades to come.

Democrats Today

Since 1992, the Democratic Party has continued to support unfettered access to abortion, even as it becomes an overwhelming political liability (Joe Carter, First Things).  Recently, the Obama administration and the Department of Health and Human Services have gone even further.  Not only are they willing to fund abortion nationally and globally with federal funds, but now they have advanced policies that violate the U.S. Constitution by requiring Catholic institutions (to Catholics, abortion is murder) to provide abortifacient drugs (as well as sterilization and contraceptives) to all their employees.  The Obama administration is now trying to restrict the right of Catholic citizens and institutions to freely exercise their religion as guaranteed by the 1st Amendment to the Constitution (click photo to view video at USCCB website):

President of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, Cardinal-designate Timothy Dolan

The conscience rights of at least 25% of America will be violated; probably closer to 70%, including other religious groups.  It almost appears as though the Obama administration and the Department of Health and Human Services are trying to eradicate religion in a nation which is 80% religious and 70% Christian.  This topic is deserving of a separate article, which will appear following this one.

Why Do Democrats Push Abortion if America Doesn’t Want Abortion?
Don’t Democrats Want Votes?

The radical liberal push not only to legalize abortion, but to declare FREE abortion to be an internationally guaranteed right, has become so strong that moral/ethical/religious leaders and scholars have seen the need to create a United Nations “No Right to Abortion” declaration,  the San Jose Articles. This new United Nations Expert Document reaffirms that there exists no right to abortion in international law.  The San Jose Articles are signed by an number of legal, public policy, and medical experts from numerous countries.

Why is abortion, originally touted as a convenience, then promoted to a “necessity,” and now labeled as a “reproductive right,” being pushed so hard?  Particularly when the American public is not in consensus?

What Abortion Really Represents

How is it that abortion has become more essential than conveniences and necessities like milk or aspirin (for which we have to pay), and has become elevated to the status of a “right” such as those guaranteed to us by the Declaration of Independence and which include “Life (ironically), Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness“?

Apparently, our present government even considers free abortion to be a more fundamental human need than food, housing or heat. This is not consistent with the public rationale for abortion; the claim that abortion is beneficial to women.  If that were so, the majority of women would not be against it.  There is something bigger at stake here, which most rank-and-file liberals (who are not extreme radicals) do not realize.

Abortion is NOT about women’s “rights,” nor about “reproductive rights.” The real motive behind the radical push for free international abortion must be rooted in something that interests politicians even more than your votes interest them: power, money and control.

Abortion provides governments with the ability to control the size and composition of their own population, and to control the populations of other nations. It is an effective tool for weakening competitor nations, as well as weakening competitor groups within a nation.  We give aid to African nations, for example, only on condition that they adopt universal “reproductive rights;” rights which will reduce their population, their work force, and their economic status.  This is what Barak Obama, Kathleen Sebelius and Hillary Clinton are pushing.

Abortion is a very big deal.
Democrats could rethink abortion.

Abortion is a very big deal. And, according to Vice President Joe Biden, so is ObamaCare, the primary vehicle for spreading abortion further in the United States:

This is a big [expletive] deal!
Vice President Joe Biden to President Obama, upon the signing of ObamaCare.

Abortion is not about women’s rights, nor is it about reproductive rights.  It’s actually about power, money and control.  In the hands of power-mongers, abortion is a tool as effective as war and genocide.

Abortion does not benefit women, it hurts them.
Abortion does not benefit minorities, it hurts them.
Abortion does not benefit economy, it hurts the  economy.
Abortion was never chosen by the American people; there was never a vote.

Democrats should rethink their party’s position on abortion.  Abortion has taken on a prominent role in the 2012 election, and Democrats are likely to suffer.

It is time to recognize that the Author of the Judeo-Christian  religious  principles on which our legal system is based (including the principles which forbid abortion) was very wise.

Taking life and death out of the hands of Providence and placing them into the hands of human beings just paves the way for tyranny.