“President” Cyrus;  No Leader In the World is Powerful Enough to Thwart God’s Purposes


Bishop Morlino: Difficult Week?  Rejoice!

This Week’s Bad News (not reported by mainstream media, of course!):

To start with, this week’s news was less than cheerful for the 80% of us who are Christians:

  • mandate=dictate

    President Obama and his administration continue to mandate (or dictate, as in dictatorship) the ObamaCare Contraception provision by Catholic employers.  Many fail to realize that this issue is not about contraception, but about whether a President can mandate ANYTHING, particularly against the religious beliefs of people, like making Jews serve pork.  Obama has given Obamacare exemptions to the Amish, and eagle-hunting permits to an Indian tribe in Wyoming based on religious exemptions, but Catholics get an exemption for religious beliefs? No way.  They’re just the largest religion in the United States, and 24% of Americans belong.

  • Catholic Bishops have had to issue another protest, explaining the civil rights violations involved, and requesting dialogue with the Obama administration.  
  • Now Obama’s administration (Department of Health and Human Services, HHS) has added another mandate to ObamaCare, mandate #2 is abortion! Not only will Catholic employers have to pay for abortifacients and contraception, but all Americans will have to pay for abortion.  This, despite the fact that 70% of Americans oppose federal funding of abortion, and the fact that we were repeatedly promised by the Obama administration (remember Stupak?)  that abortion would not be included in ObamaCare.
  • It’s also turning out that the cost of Obamacare will be more than double the previously promised cost
  • Contraception and Abortion added to Obamacare not enough to get you down?  HHS has just added mandatory provision of sterilizations for all female college students to ObamaCare, free of charge.  Yes, between the ages of 17 and 21, when young women are not yet decided on what they wish to do with their lives, while they are experimenting with decisions and with belief systems at college, let them make the irreversible decision never to have children, so that they could never have the joys of family life or pass on their education to future citizens.  Let’s hurry up and sterilize them before they know any better!
  • Not enough bad news yet?  HHS has approved the use of aborted babies’ brains for experimentation in humans.  Aborted babies’ brain cells are being injected into people’s eyeballs in an attempt to reverse macular degeneration.  Yes, those same elders whom ObamaCare wants to euthanize will now be the beneficiaries of the deaths of pre-born infants. That is, if there is any benefit, and if no monstrous result comes from the experiments.
  • Global Rule by Mandate Next?

    Wait, there’s more!  Agenda 21, a United Nations action plan started 20 years ago towards global control of “sustainable development,” a global, national and local plan, is making tremendous strides towards establishing a world government based on environmentalism.   To be truthful, this was not this week’s news, but I found out about it from an email this week.  Did you know that more thatn 600  American cities are participating in this plan through ICLEI, though most residents of those cities are unaware that their local governments are agreeing to rules and regulations dictated by a UN-based organization regarding property rights?  This organization is funded by George Soros, and opposes private property and energy usage, and supports depopulation of the earth.  Tenessee has just passed a bill in opposition to implementation of Agenda 21.    Bill Gates supports the depopulation plans of Agenda 21, pretending to support it with flimsy “science.”   Meanwhile, increasing numbers of scientists are calling the population/pollution/CO2 alarmists just plain wrong.

And, just for good measure, let’s add a local Madison scandal into the news cocktail:  Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Prosser has just been accused, yet again, of misconduct.  All my previous investigations into this issue 9 months ago, including reading the Dane County Sheriff’s report on this incident, indicate to me that this man is an innocent victim of Alinsky tactics, in which Madison liberals are trying to accomplish with false accusations and lies what they could not accomplish in the ballot box last year- to change the majority of the Wisconsin Supreme Court from conservative to liberal.

Is it just me, or are Obama and liberals on all levels, global, national and local, issuing mandates that trample human rights faster than anybody can keep up with them, doing it before the election, and doing it unilaterally?  And isn’t Obama forcing America to do to small human beings all that Hitler did to larger human beings, only in far, far larger numbers?  See Abortion: a Much Bigger Deal Than You Think.

So What Do We Do?

So Bishop Morlino’s has a message for all of us: Rejoice!


He also sends a message to all our families and friends.
As usual, Bishop Morlino is inspiring and he is right.

Bishop Morlino’s Remarkable Laetare Sunday Homily

Audio: click here

Transcript : click here

Summarizing the Bishop’s three major points, which he drew from the Mass readings today:

  • We should not forget God is in charge and does not discard us.  We need to acknowledge our sins; Catholics ought to use the Sacrament of confession.
  • No earthly leader is powerful enough to thwart God’s purposes. King Cyrus, a pagan who cared nothing for God, was inspired by God to become God’s instrument and to save God’s people.
  • We , the children of the Light, are attracted to the Light, to the Truth, and we must seek and speak the truth.  We must vote, and we must not allow campaign advertising to influence us. Why are we being attacked?  Those who want to work evil in darkness need to put out the lights.

These points really do not do justice to the Bishop’s very inspiring homily; nor do I claim to have paraphrased it correctly; you should really read it or listen to it yourself at the above links.

Audio: click here

Transcript : click here


Bishop Morlino has wisely reminded us is that all will work out as it must. We should fret less, trust more, pray more, confess more, sacrifice more this Lent, and rejoice!

We also need to pursue the Truth, share the truth, and vote for the truth.
President Obama does not seem to see the Truth at present.

President Obama is very swiftly mandating dictating what opposes all that America stands for .  America was founded on Judeo-Christian values.  80% of us are still Christians, and we still vote Christian values.  No number of billions in advertising can sway us. Our future and our souls are not for sale.

Why is he going after Catholics with such determination?  He needs to knock out the lights and the video cameras, the conscience of America.  Catholics are the Christians with the largest numbers and the biggest organization.  If he can knock out Catholics, others will soon follow.

Cyrus Restoring the Vessels in the Temple

Barring a Cyrus-like conversion in President Obama, (which is not completely outside the realm of possibility; remember the Soviet Union?), it is incumbent on us to fix the problem by voting him out of office.

God has actually already achieved through Obama what all us us Christians have not been able to achieve in decades of ecumenical effort:  he has galvanized a massive reunion of Judeo-Christian faiths.  It warmed my heart to hear a Rabbi defending the freedom of Catholics to exercise their religion before the Senate! Who would have thought that President Obama would do more for ecumenism than we could accomplish ourselves?!

That is the mystery of God, Who works in mysterious ways.
Take heart, and pray, pray, pray.
Speak out.