Madison, Wisconsin’s Fortnight for Freedom Begins


Rosary over the Wisconsin State Capitol building at conclusion of rally (photos by Syte)

Audio: Bishop Morlino’s introductory remarks and Rosary let by Father Isaac Mary:

Capitol Rosary AUDIO  6-21-12

(60 min audio; small delay) Audio description: Bishop Morlino’s remarks, followed by 15 decades of the rosary led by Father Isaac Mary, Bishop Morlino’s conclusion, singing of God Bless America, and cheering as a giant “LIFE” rosary is released over the Wisconsin State Capitol Building. (Missed the beginning audio, as Bishop Morlino led everyone in singing Holy God, We Praise Thy Name.)

Background (click here)

More Photos:

Gathering at the WI Capitol at 7 PM


Father Rick Heilman, organizer at center

Patient Patriotic Folks; "LIFE" baloons in background

Beautiful Capitol, beautiful evening

Children holding the yellow LIFE balloon rosary. After praying 15 decades of the Rosary, children released the yellow rosary over the Capitol; a poignant symbol of our ardent prayers for our nation


The rosary rises higher as we all watch

The LIFE rosary drifts over Madison towards Lake Monona

Beautiful conclusion to a prayerful, peaceful rally

Fr. Rick invites everyone back for next Thursday, 7 PM, same place. He invites us to double today's magnificent turnout next week. Hundreds were here today.

Of course, the Schoenstatt Sisters were there to help us pray!

I hope somebody did a count- attendance was impressive.

Apologies, taking photos into the Sun at 7Pm is not trivial…

For More (and Best) Photos: See Tom Reitz’s photos on facebook

More Events to Come

There is nothing more moving than praying the rosary for freedom and for our nation, with hundreds of people on a beautiful day, on the steps of the Wisconsin State Capitol building.
A remarkable sight for passers-by, and a beautiful witness to our faith and our respect for life.

This scene was repeated yesterday at hundreds of places all over the United States, and similar events will continue for two weeks all over America, until Independence Day.
Madison’s weekly Capitol rosary, thanks to Fr. Rick’s efforts, will continue weekly on Thursdays, past the Fortnight for Freedom prayer effort, all the way up to the election, November 2, 2012.
More events to come at Madison Diocese website.

Media Coverage of Historical Events?

Doubt very much whether this event will be covered by the Wisconsin State Journal or by the mainstream media.
But whether Catholics and the Fortnight for Freedom get treated to a media blackout or not, God is listening.
A concerted national prayer effort of this size is guaranteed to touch His heart.
Get ready for remarkable events.
This prayer effort is historical, and the results will be historical.
What an auspicious June!

May God bless America!


Some AUDIO resources for those who are interested in understanding what is in the Mandate and why the Catholic Church is concerned: