Who is Barack Obama?  The Movie: 2016

Opening in Houston July 16, 2012

A very compelling, yet disturbing portrait of Barack Obama, based on his own autobiography, Dreams From My Father:

Obama’s America: 2016
Love Him, Hate Him, You Don’t Know Him

Springing from Barack Obama’s own biography, Dreams From My Father, this movie offers an extremely disturbing theory explaining Barack Obama’s sometimes very puzzling priorities, such as ObamaCare and abortion over economy and jobs. Click image at left for movie credits.

The movie presents Barack Obama as a very complex man with complex resentments and complex goals, which even America’s radical Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden do not understand or share.

It is not a movie to be dismissed.  It cannot be discarded as lies or as politics.  Obama condemns and betrays himself in his own words, painting a disturbing portrait of a man driven by an ideology that his constituents do not share.

Trailer for the Movie 2016:

Interview with George Obama, Barack Obama’s brother, who stars in the movie:

Barack Obama reading from his own book, Dreams From My Father: