September is here, and everyone’s getting ready for school. I stumbled across a Badger Herald article entitled “Great Sexpectations,” which flippantly steered new UW student arrivals toward sexual experimentation, and towards facilities such as Planned Parenthood.

So I submitted a comment. (Hope it gets published!)

"God, our Light"

Motto: Numen Lumen ("God, our Light")

Flippant attitudes toward sex lead to pain and anguish.

The human body carries the ability to create new human life. It’s called sex.

Misuse of this ability, just like misuse of any other human function, can lead to great trouble.

A recent government study has shown that 70% of parents and 54 % of Teens say that sex before marriage is wrong. Release of this study was delayed by the Obama administration for 18months (study dated Feb ’09, released only Aug 23, ’10), presumably because the administration did not like the results of the study.

The fact of the matter is that there are reasons for caution and for the morality that has been respected by our civilization for thousands of years. The reasons include reluctance to kill preborn children, reluctance to deal with psychological problems, depression, STD’s, and reluctance to destroy one’s chances of finding true love in a good marriage in the future.

Bascom Hill

At UW Madison, you will rarely hear this more cautious and conservative attitude that is shared by the vast majority in America. At UW Madison, you will most likely hear a forced, radical liberal agenda, driven by the pursuit of immediate gratification, regardless of future consequences to yourself or to others. UW Madison is often quite intolerant of Christian sexuality.

Hopefully anybody admitted to a university with the academic caliber of UW Madison will already have learned the benefits of delayed gratification, and will not jump into recreational sex as this article seems to condone. DO your homework (start with the links in this article), find out the consequences of your actions, and take the trouble to locate the 54% of teens in your class who think it’s wrong to have sex before marriage.

There are lots of groups on campus who can support you in this choice – starting with St. Paul’s Catholic Center — for the numerous students coming from Catholic homes, or for anyone else interested in a Christian perspective on life. Madison’s Cathedral Parish is another great place to look for fellowship and support in a holy and healthy lifestyle.