Promiscuity Education?

Is our government DISCOURAGING abstinence and PROMOTING promiscuity and birth control for children?

Sounds unwise and unlikely, but facts certainly seem to point to this.

U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services

A recent U.S. government survey indicated that 70% of U.S. parents and 60% of U.S. teens favor abstinence before marriage. The Obama administration refused to release this study for 18 months after its completion, stonewalling numerous public requests for release.  Upon release, the study was not reported by mainstream media, but was described by conservative news sources .  Now, 6 wks after the release of the HHS report, the document is no longer available at the HHS website, and is difficult to find.  Fortunately, a copy of the original PDF document was available on an obscure Czechoslovakian website.  It is posted here.

Why is the Obama administration interested in hiding this abstinence attitude study which indicates that the majority of Americans favor abstinence?

The State of Wisconsin (Governor Doyle’s administration) is also pushing the permanent expansion of all birth control services in Wisconsin, including free birth control services for children as young as 15 years old, without their parental knowledge or consent ( ).

Recent legislation introduced by Senator Risser, passed by the Wisconsin legislature, and signed by Governor Doyle in February 2010,  prohibits the teaching of abstinence-only sex education in the public schools of Wisconsin and establishes an alternative program of sex education for children as young as ten.  The “education” program will be developed by Planned Parenthood, whose perspective on human sexuality excludes abstinence education, and can better be described by Christians as “promiscuity education.”  If you are skeptical of this description, see the Planned Parenthood pamphlet “Healthy, Happy and Hot,” which was distributed by girl scouts at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women in March 2010.

The interest of the state and federal governments in the regulation of children’s sexual education, particularly in the teaching of liberalized notions of sexually which are at odds with the beliefs of most Americans, defies reason.

The government is opposing the will of the people, the 70% of parents and 60% of teenagers who advocate abstinence.

The liberal policies promoted by the government are also inconsistent and illogical.

It is Illegal in the U.S. for adults to have sex with minors, supposedly because minors are not yet mentally and emotionally mature enough to make responsible sexual decisions.  Yet Obama, Doyle, Risser, etc., want to encourage public school teachers and medical personnel to provide birth control, to illustrate it’s use graphically to minors, and to use taxpayer dollars to pay for the cost of the encouraging our young in the promiscuous lifestyle.  One adult goes to jail for having sex with minors, while another adult gets paid to encourage sexual activity by minors!


Do our government leaders not see the inconsistency?  If minors are not mentally and emotionally mature enough to make responsible sexual decisions, how can it be legal to encourage them to be sexually active with each other?  How can teachers get up in front of classrooms full of children and describe graphically to them all of their sexual options?  How can those same teachers in good conscience fail to describe the medical and emotional consequences of promiscuity?  What happens when one of two children who were “sexually active” together turns 18, and now their “sexual activity” becomes “criminal?”

What could the government be thinking?

Does the government have some alternative agenda?

  • Is the government trying to reduce teen pregnancy?  Encouraging early sexual activity does not accomplish this.
  • Is the government trying to reduce population? Encouraging early sexual activity does not accomplish this.  (Besides,  overpopulation is a myth.)
  • Is the government trying to reduce STD’s in the population?  Encouraging early sexual activity does not accomplish this. In fact, the Center for Disease Control recommends abstinence for this purpose.

If government action appears to be irrational, what other groups are stakeholders in these child sex education issues?

Is “promiscuity education” part of the business plan of America’s largest abortion corporation?

Planned Parenthood seems to be closely involved with government in the control and curriculum development for sexual education of children.  Yet there is a serious conflict of interest here.

Planned Parenthhod, Houston, Texas

Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion corporation in America, and their primary source of income comes from destroying human life.  Although Planned Parenthood claims that only 3% of their “procedures” include abortion, this claim is misleading.  When the distribution of 1 condom is counted as one “procedure,” the abortions appear to be rare “procedures” by comparison.  However, at a cost of  ~$500-$1,000 per abortion, the costs add up to over 1/3 of Planned Parenthood’s profits.  Close to another third of profits come from treatment of STD’s.  Planned Parenthood’s profits are over 1 billion dollars per year, and they receive over $350 million dollars in government subsidies (federal and state).  Planned Parenthood would have a clear economic incentive in encouraging extreme and liberalized sex education in public schools for the maximization of their own profits, through both abortion and STD treatment.

Abby Johnson, previously the director of one of Planned Parenthood’s largest national abortion facilities, has described that Planned Parenthood set corporation “Family Planning” goals for doubling the number of abortions they wish to perform in the coming year.  According to Abby, abortion is a priority at Planned Parenthood, that’s where they make their money, and the pregnancy prevention budget of Planned Parenthood is negligible compared with the abortion budget and income.  Another ex-employee of Planned Parenthood has reported that calculations of the number of abortions to be expected per young girl per lifetime are included in their business projections.

Why would Planned Parenthood condone promiscuous behavior in young children?  Is it too shocking to suggest that Planned Parenthood WANTS kids to be sexually active as much as possible, and to come back as repeat customers for numerous abortions?  Consumer reports have rated Planned Parenthood condoms the worst quality of all brands.  Some have suggested that the intentional distribution of defective condoms by Planned Parenthood would increase their abortion business, as well as their STD treatment business.

Margaret Sanger

Alternatively, some suggest that the historical roots of Planned Parenthood influence their policies.  Planned Parenthood was established by Margaret Sanger, a notorious eugenicist who believed in reducing  “unwanted” groups in the population – including blacks, the poor and criminals.  COULD these historical roots could still be operating today?  The fact is that 77% of African-American pregnancies are aborted right now (Abby Johnson).   African American babies are three times more likely to be aborted than white babies, according to data from the U.S. Center for Disease Control.  Since Roe v. Wade in 1973, the black population in the U.S. has been reduced by over 25 percent.

Note inserted February 11, 2015 : The above link is no longer active. But the US black population is 45 million today, and 13 million black abortions have been perfomed.  Do the math- at least 22% of black people are now missing due to abortion.  This is probably a gross UNDERestimate, since most of those 13 million black babies would have had children and grandchildren during the course of the last 50 years .
See Black Death in America.

Could an African-American President be promoting the pre-birth genocide of his own people?   Is the President unaware of these facts?

Exploring the motivation behind the recent irrational and scandalous policies of our governments in the area of child sexuality does not lead to any obvious conclusions.  What DOES make sense in a democracy, however, is to listen to the people and to accept the majority morality – in the case of the United States, Judeo-Christian morality and abstinence.

Ten Commandments

It might be a surprise to some, but there ARE numerous families who succeed in raising their children to be respectful of the procreative power of the human body, and who have no problem with abstinence before marriage.  70% of American parents and 60% of American teens support abstinence.  Numerous families have remarkable success instilling the values of self-control, respect for others, and delayed gratification in their children.

My own family has been very successful in instilling these values in our children, and we are typical among our Madison, Wisconsin Catholic community.  Other faiths also have great success in this area.  Hence the overwhelming statistics quoted above; 70% of parents and 60% of teens favor abstinence before marriage.  These are realistic and wise goals.

It’s time for our government to start listening to the American people and to stop legislating poorly thought out, inconsistent, and possibly profit-motivated immoral policies, which can only serve to endanger our children and the future of our civilization.

How do we oppose such an agenda?

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