Here goes TIME Magazine again, dissing my Church………

June 7, 2010 TIME Magazine cover:

Why would the June 7, 2010 TIME Magazine cover lie so blatantly about Pope Benedict?

  • Pope Benedict HAS apologized about the scandals ( what a saint! — he is innocent of all the charges that were thrown at him starting during Holy Week).
  • The terrible problem of sexual abuse of children is rampant in all sectors of our society, but the Catholic Church has the lowest incidence of offense of all groups. Children are (and have always been) safer in the hands of the Catholic Church than they are at government schools or in their own homes.
  • Finally, Pope Benedict has been at the forefront of developing procedures for the safety of children, which now make the Catholic Church a model for all other institutions on how to deal with child abuse prevention.

So WHY is TIME Magazine (and the NYTimes, as well as other extreme liberal media) attacking the Pope so blatantly, with old charges which have already been disproved?

They do this because the Church is the single largest, most centralized and most powerful voice threatening to undermining their extreme liberal agenda in the world today. The Church does this by proclaiming the truth courageously, and by standing up for the innocent and downtrodden. Most recently, the courageous actions of the US Bishops in opposing abortion in health care have irritated the extreme left.

Since the extreme left has no valid ammunition, they attack the Church with lies. And so the persecution of the Church continues…. ironically, the last round started up during Holy Week, with attacks peaking on Good Friday. Why TIME Magazine is trying to resurrect these now outdated issues on their June 7 cover is a good question.

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