An unelected board of retired judges (Governmental Accountability Board, GAB, appointed by Gov. Doyle) has issued a ruling that restricts the dissemination of voter information for 30 days prior to primary elections (starting Aug 15th) and for 60 days prior to general elections (starting Sept 4th).

These rules would make it illegal to disseminate information prior to elections without registration with the government, payment of $100 registration fees, and provision of detailed information about the information to be dispersed. This would apply to individuals and to groups, and would affect information distributed by internet as well.

  • The new rules would tax and would slow down pre-election activity by pro-life and pro-family organizations, and might limit the ability of bloggers like myself to post election-related information as I am doing now.
  • The new rules would affect the various voter guides which have long been planned by pro-life groups.
  • The rules would create a government record of all pro-life activity and of individuals who participate in it. The registration would identify, label and tax all activists participating in one of the most important elections in the history of our country — an election which will determine the future of Obamacare, abortion, and health care rationing.

In my opinion, this step is not dissimilar to the Nazi requirement for Jews to wear armbands identifying them. It is a major unconstitutional violation of freedom of speech. It taxes and creates a governmental record of all pro-life activity and all who participate in it.

Wisconsin Family Action (WFA) has organized:

  • Online petition to protest this ruling
  • Phone calls to the Governmental Accountability Board protesting this ruling — Call Kevin Kennedy the director of the GAB at 608-266-8005 and politely tell him to use his influence with the GAB board to urge them to revoke the new rules in ยง1.28 that unconstitutionally restrict both individual and organizational free speech.
  • Requesting $10 donations to WFA to help reverse this ruling.

Please participate and spread the word to all Wisconsin residents!