To Catholic Priests, from every Catholic who was ever baptized, married, received First Communion, Reconciliation, attended Mass or a funeral, used a Catholic hospital or sent their kids to a Catholic School….

At the conclusion of National vocation awareness week 2012, a word of thanks to all Diocese of Madison, WI, priests, seminarians, religious, to the Vocations office and to the Madison Serra Club, for their sacrificial service which makes it possible for the Catholic Church to carry on it’s mission in our diocese. (Click image to enlarge)

Thanks to the Madison Catholic Herald and to Chris Reitz for the article.

Encourage a young person to consider a religious vocation today. Just say “You would make a wonderful priest/sister; have you ever thought about it?”  Join the Serra Club, a group which supports vocations, yourself.  Any Catholic can join. I’m a new member, very much enjoying the opportunity to be a part of supporting our Church and meeting other people who feel the same way.