What President Obama did on September 11, 2012

Sept 11, 2012, Egypt/Libya


Yesterday, on the 11th anniversary of September 11, the Obama White House snubbed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, accepted an invitation from David Letterman, and apologized to Islamists upset over a  film that mocks Islam and Mohammed — something “artists” in America do to Christianity with my tax dollars on a fairly regular basis.  Breitbart.com


Sept 11, 2012, USA

And today, on Sept 12, 2012, after the murder of the US Ambassador to Libya, after the parading of the Ambassador’s body, and the killing of three other Americans,  as of 11 o’clock this AM, President Obama has not cancelled his campaign trip to Las Vegas, and President Obama took time to condemn the Romney campaign before he condemned the murder of the Americans.  President Obama plans to make a statement from the Rose Garden on the Ambassador’s killing, then to continue on his campaign schedule.

Dereliction of Duty?

President Obama has previously neglected his duties in striking ways, including absence from 56% of his Presidential Daily Briefs, where Presidents are briefed on the nation’s most pressing intelligence threats.  Breitbart.com accuses President Obama of “Fiddling While Rome Burns.”