One of the Most Active Hate Groups in This Country…
Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF)

The Freedom From Religion Foundation(FFRF) is one of the most active hate groups in the country.
They are supported by the media, which ironically favors Democrats, the founders of the KKK.

FFRF misrepersents the separation of Church and State, a concept not found in the Constitution, but from a letter written by Thomas Jefferson, in which his concern is for protecting religious groups from the state, not the reverse.

Quoting from Political Outcast:

The Left loves to issue reports about how conservative groups are actually hate groups and potential terrorists, often comparing them — without any intent of irony — to the KKK, that icon of hate founded by Democrats.

Meanwhile, one of the most active hate groups in this country, the Freedom From Religion Foundation, not only is allowed to continue its anti-Christian activity, it is encouraged and supported by the media and politicians…

The FFRF has harassed and intimidated Christian groups around the country and actively intimidates local governments into banning any non-atheist religious displays or activities on public lands.

It gets away with all this bullying because the FFRF has, on many court benches, duplicitous left-wing comrades who have twisted the concept of church-state separation into a weapon of church suppression by the state.

That infamous “wall of separation” is not a phrase found in the Constitution. It originates from a letter written by Thomas Jefferson to a minister who was concerned about the government interfering with religious activity. Jefferson explained that this “wall” was meant to protect religious groups from the state…

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