Wisconsin Bishops Confuse the Flock


In a statement released on August 20, 2021, Wisconsin’s Catholic Bishops Conference not only endorsed  the controversial abortion-associated COVID injections, but even went so far as to indicate that Catholic pastors should not endorse or validate the conscientious objections of their flocks.

Furthermore, they suggested that those Catholics choosing to decline COVID injections cooperate with the controversial masking/isolation policies demanded by governmental agencies. 

While the Wisconsin Bishops did confirm the individual rights of conscience of the faithful, they have provided no guidance, backup or support for those in their flock who choose to exercise these rights of conscience.  

In taking these actions, the Bishops of Wisconsin have flustered and confused many Catholic faithful.

There are many faithful who have responsibly followed medical recommendations and vaccination policies of our authorities for decades.  We have also followed the directions of our shepherds in the Church, our Bishops.  

And Bishops usually provide moral guidance, and do not typically leave complex moral questions to one’s own conscience.  For example, we would be aghast if a Bishop made a pronouncement on the morality of abortion, and then advised the faithful to use their own consciences to decide whether or not to obtain abortions. 

A Bishop should shepherd his flock, providing moral direction under confusing circumstances, and faithfully siding with the Truth no matter what the consequence or Cross.

But now, our Bishops present us with a dilemma. 

Now, when there is dissent in our own Church regarding the moral permissibility of the COVID injections, dissent coming from as high up as the previous Papal Nuncio to the United States, when there is also serious dissent between medical experts on the safety of this new mRNA technology, when there is contradiction between the CDC (Center of Disease Control), the WHO (World Health Organization), and numerous world governments on the optimal handling of, and even on acknowledging the existence of the COVID pandemic, our Wisconsin Bishops have chosen sides.  

If the Bishops have chosen to take sides in this ethical and medical debate, why did they allow conscientious dissent from their pronouncement?  

If the Bishops fear the consequences of standing against the government in this COVID injection issue, if they fear retribution on the Church by civil authorities, why would they guide their flock to do the right thing individually, and face the civil authorities individually, without even the backup of their Catholic pastor with a courageous moral stance? 

This very serious and faithful Catholic blogger is confused, stymied, and puzzled by what has happened.  I feel I am being obliged to take on a Cross that my Bishops refuse to shoulder. 

Indeed, there ARE some bishops and priests who are opposing civil authorities very courageously during this morally challenging time. 
If there can be so much disagreement between priests and Bishops, why would the Bishops of Wisconsin take a stance supporting arbitrary totalitarian civil dictates and abandoning their flock to stand alone with their consciences?

PLEASE, if there is a Wisconsin Bishop willing to clarify, let this Catholic blogger know. 
I will publish the clarification and will apologize for my ignorant outburst against the authority of the Bishops.   
My worst fear is that I am in the right……