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The Grinch Who Mocked Christmas


WFA Nativity Scene at Wisconsin State Capitol

The Freedom From Religion Foundation has done it again: in response to a table-top nativity scene being displayed in Wisconsin’s Capitol building rotunda by Wisconsin Family Action (WFA), FFRF has erected their own primitive contraption, featuring a pink-clad girl baby “Jesus,” a Botticelli Venus “blessed mother” declaring “it’s a girl,” and cardboard cut-outs of various historical atheists with speech bubbles proclaiming the folly of religion.  They failed to realize the irony represented by this silly display – a dimensionless cartoon that makes a statement about their philosophy as well.  There is not much substance in a  philosophy that rests primarily on (aggressive) negation of the beliefs of others.

FFRF's mockery of the Nativity - interesting how FFRF invokes one of the 10 Commandments to protect their silly display!

We all know Dr. Seuss’ story How the Grinch Stole Christmas… much like the Grinch, FFRF atheists think that just because they cannot participate in the joy of Christmas, they should try to destroy it for all of us too.

But the power of the newborn King far surpasses the laughable efforts of a few spiteful atheists.

Maybe someday they’ll puzzle ’till their puzzlers are sore, and find out that Christmas, in fact, means a little bit more.

In the meantime, I take the greatest of pleasure in wishing you all a very happy, warm, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

WFA's Nativity plaque, Wisconsin State Capitol Rotunda


Who believes in God?

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God the Father (Sistine Chapel)

Who believes in God?

8 out of 10 Americans believe in a God who is responsible for creating human life.

The results of a new Gallup Poll ( Dec 17, 2010) indicate:

  • 40% of Americans believe in straight creationism
  • 38% of Americans believe in evolution guided by God
  • 16% of Americans believe in evolution without involvement of God.

Add the first 2 numbers:  78% of Americans believe that God is responsible for creating human beings.

There is little correlation with degree of education; 71% of Americans with postgraduate education believe that God is responsible for creating human beings (see original Gallup Poll).

Who would have guessed this?

According to the mainstream media, only the uneducated and unenlightened believe in God, and Evolution is an absolute religion.  In actual fact, seems that most Americans, including most highly educated Americans, see evolution as one of the tools used by God in creation, or do not believe evolutionary theory at all.   I’m in the “evolution occasionally used by God” camp.  God, in His wisdom, uses many tools, and to an honest and discerning scientist, evidence of evolution, although clearly present, is neither ubiquitous nor absolute.

Nativity, Charles Poerson

The next step in logic:  if God is responsible for the creation of human life, and we are not just highly evolved mammals, do we have the right to do with human life as we please, without regard for God’s law?  There are some things on which all religions agree, and that includes the sacredness of human life.

The Christ Child is born!  Alleluia!

He came to be one of us — an embryo, a fetus, a tiny vulnerable child.

“Glory to God in the highest; and on earth peace to men of good will.” – Luke 2:14

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