A Bad Samaritan?

How many unwed pregnant mothers has Annie Laurie Gaylor helped?

Just a Few of the Many Mothers and Babies Saved by CareNet

.Most recently, Gaylor condemns the good Samaritan Care Net, which does help unwed pregnant mothers– a need Gaylor herself apparently does not realize is important in our society.


Gaylor and the FFRF (Freedom From Religion Foundation) not only abandon unwed mothers, but want the government to take sides on the abortion question– THEIR side.  And Isthmus is facilitating.

Isthmus just featured Gaylor’s (and FFRF’s) opposition to a Wisconsin government website listing of the Christian pregnancy care center (Care Net) under family resources.

In the article, Isthmus quotes Gaylor extensively, yet fails to cover the opposing view.  Isthmus also facilitates Gaylor’s misportrayal of the faith based Care Net as incompetent and unsafe, without any facts to support this claim.

Bucky Badger leads Hundreds of Care Net Supporters in Walk for Life

Care Net is actually very competent, very safe, and is supported by numerous groups in Madison, including religious ones.  It is one of Madison’s proudest inter-faith endeavors, with a proud history of helping unfortunate women to take charge of rebuilding their lives.  Our family has been involved in fundraising for CareNet over the years, and participating organizations have included numerous area Christian churches (including our Catholic church), the Princeton Club, Oscar Mayer, the Mallards, Relevant Radio Madison, Bucky Badger and Oremus Catholic Rock, to name just a few.

America is split on the issue of abortion– is abortion a fundamental women’s right, or is it the murder of a human being? The truth cannot be both ways. Although Supreme Court Justices may have ruled for abortion, our society is still strongly divided, and the laws are not even consistant.  A murderer who kills a pregnant woman is legally guilty of two murders, yet if that woman were on her way to Planned Parenthood for an abortion, apparently for her, this would not constitute murder at present.

Relevant Radio, Mallards and Oremus Support Care Net

FFRF is group of extremist atheist radicals representing less than 0.003 of 1 % of America.  Isthmus has repeatedly featured them favorably, while the views of America’s mainstream (80% Christian) majority, are not promoted.  FFRF is not even representative of American ATHEISTS, most of whom are quite tolerant of Christian America, and who have no problem with Christians freely exercising their religion, just as most Christians have no problem with atheists exercising their beliefs.

Isthmus quotes pro-choice leaders as though they represented all women– “This fits right in with the new governor’s and new Legislature’s anti-choice and anti-women views.”   Problem is, women are

More Care Net Supporters in Madison: FFRF not represented

split on the abortion question (as are all Americans), and Isthmus should be able to mention those facts.  Pro-choice leaders have no right to claim they are representing all women, and an unbiased journalist would point this out.

In fact, although Americans (and women) seem closely split when asked “pro-life?” or “pro-choice?,” there is actually no split when the question is rephrased more explicitly.  Gallup shows that the number of Americans believing that abortion is morally wrong outnumber the number who think it is morally right (Americans 51% vs 39%, with women also 51% vs 39%).  When asked whether abortion should be permitted under few/no circumstances versus under any/most circumstances, the pro-lifers win again, with 61% vs 37% for all Americans, and 60% vs 37% for women.

Mom and Baby Saved by Care Net

So when the question is phrased more explicitly, our entire culture, whether we poll all Americans or American women, comes out 2/3 pro-life and 1/3 pro-choice.

Numerous national women leaders are also pro-life, including members of the Susan B. Anthony List , a pro-life organization named after a woman who realized that “authentic women’s rights could never be built upon the broken rights of innocent unborn children.”

So when Gaylor and FFRF want Care Net links (which help pregnant women keep their babies and helps them to raise these future citizens) removed from government websites, Isthmus provides the mouthpiece.  No mention of the fact that Gaylor and FFRF don’t seem to have a problem when government promotes the opposing side, for example by funding abortion through Planned Parenthood.

  • FFRF is inconsistent, and is not practicing the tolerance towards America’s religious majority, the tolerance that America’s religious majority practices toward FFRF.
  • FFRF wants its own (minority) beliefs promoted by government.
  • FFRF continues to lose numerous frivolous claims in court.

Angry atheists should find something better to do with their time, and Isthmus should not rush to be FFRF’s mouthpiece.

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