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Knights in Shining Armor


Rush Limbaugh, Sandra Fluke

Rush Limbaugh Called a Woman Names

Rush Limbaugh recently called a one woman a slut and prostitute on his radio program.  I happened to be listening to the broadcast at the time, and found his tirade to be “Rush Limbaugh.”   I did not think he meant it literally; he seemed to be doing it for comic effect.

I have never advocated dirty fighting or name-calling, and I make an effort to eliminate such tactics from my own writing.  But in this case, I must rush to Rush Limbaugh’s defense.  Rush Limbaugh’s name-calling was pretty unremarkable, given the 2012 cultural benchmark for salty language set by the likes of Ed Schultz, Jon Stewart, Jay Leno, and even local middle school playgrounds in Madison, WI, where I live.

Transcript of Rush’s Offending Statement:

RUSH: What does it say about the college co-ed Sandra Fluke, who goes before a congressional committee and essentially says that she must be paid to have sex, what does that make her? It makes her a slut, right? It makes her a prostitute. She wants to be paid to have sex. She’s having so much sex she can’t afford the contraception. She wants you and me and the taxpayers to pay her to have sex. What does that make us? We’re the pimps. (interruption) The johns? We would be the johns? No! We’re not the johns. (interruption) Yeah, that’s right. Pimp’s not the right word. Okay, so she’s not a slut. She’s “round heeled.” I take it back.

Rush Limbaugh’s Message

Although Rush Limbaugh’s name-calling was not very remarkable, his main message preceding the comical name-calling tirade was remarkable.   The point that sexually over-active people are not making wise choices and that there is no reason the rest of us should be paying for their questionable recreational sexual activities, which we do not ourselves approve of or participate in, is a good one.  Rush’s passionate defense of traditional morality, under which people who behave promiscuously are regarded as sources of moral and medical risk, Rush’s defense of a morality which 70% of America supports, warmed my heart.  This man’s courage in stating the truth with some passion made him a knight in shining armor in my book.

Crucifixion by the Left

But the left, assisted by the (left-dominated) media, completely ignored the logical analysis Rush Limbaugh provided of government-guaranteed, free-of-charge, free-of-consequence government-encouraged and public school-taught sexual experimentation, which will only destroy our society if permitted to proceed.

The left zeroed in on two words, “slut” and “prostitute,” and proceeded to isolate and crucify Rush Limbaugh for language which, in comparison with language used by the left routinely in 2012, and with the “f-word” used by our liberal Vice President publicly, was actually almost prim and proper.

  • The left went after Rush mercilessly.
  • Stories appeared in all major networks.
  • Demands for apology were issued.

My choice of words was not the best, and in the attempt to be humorous, I created a national stir. I sincerely apologize to Ms. Fluke for the insulting word choices,” Limbaugh said.

  • The apology seemed to make no difference.
  • Intimidated advertisers started pulling their support of Rush Limaugh’s show.

.…………………………………………………America is Silent

Why are most Americans, who (according to polls) clearly support responsible behavior including abstinence before marriage, who clearly oppose promiscuity and who clearly oppose the funding of other people’s promiscuous sexual escapades with our precious tax dollars, why are all of these (majority) Americans scrambling for cover while Rush Limbaugh roasts alone?

Well, for one, they might be fearing that the left might do to them what they just did to Rush Limbaugh. The left does not play by the same rules the rest of us play by.

Alinsky Tactics

What the left is using are called Alinsky Tactics. They violate all the Judeo-Christian principles on which our U.S. government was based, and in which most of us still believe.  They rely absolutely on a double standard.

The basic principles of Alinsky tactics involve breaking all the rules of Judeo-Christian morality, doing whatever it takes to push the radical agenda, regardless of fairness or of democracy.  Through the use of ridicule and other underhanded tactics,  a radical minority furthers its agenda against the will of the majority.

Not too surprisingly, Saul Alinsky’s acknowledgments in his book Rules for Radicals, include an acknowledgement to Lucifer, “the very first radical.”

There can be no doubt that Alinksy tactics are being used by the left today, at the highest levels.  Details of Hillary Clinton’s and Barack Obama’s connections to Alinsky can be found at Clashes between Liberals and Conservatives – Washington, United Nations, Madison – Common Denominator?

Barak Obama’s connection to Alinsky and Alinsky’s methods was the subject of a series of articles that Andrew Breitbart was working on just prior to his death last week.  The series is entitled The Vetting, and the first article of the series, Part I: Barack’s Love Song to Alinsky, was just posted on Breitbart’s website posthumously on March 5, 2012.   According to Andrew Breitbart, Barak Obama, while State Senator, attended the play The Love Song of Saul Alinsky, and participated in an on stage panel discussion that was advertised in the poster for the play (pictured at right).

Speaking Out in 2012

Alinsky tactics have been in use for quite some time now, whenever conservatives speak out against what the left considers “politically correct.” The liberal-dominated media attacks conservatives viciously, assisting the left in ridiculing the values of their opponents; this illustrates one of Saul Alinsky’s rules from Rules for Radicals:

Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. It is almost impossible to counterattack ridicule. Also, it infuriates the opposition, who then react to your advantage
-Saul Alinsky

Along with ridicule of conservative values, radical values are simultaneously reinforced by liberal media, and are represented as superior to conservative values.  Conservative values are represented as primitive and archaic.

Public school systems assist the left.  Prayer is banned from schools, and “sex education,” with a curriculum determined by Planned Parenthood (the largest abortion provider and killer of babies in America), is taught.  Abstinence education is ridiculed and banned, despite the fact that government studies show that 70% of American parents and 60% of American teens believe in abstinence before marriage.

Any mention of conservative values is ridiculed thoroughly in 2012, despite the fact that conservative values are still held by the majority of Americans. The left also crucifies those on the right for minor infractions of their own values, as they did with Rush Limbaugh. Quoting from Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals:

Make the enemy live up to his/her own book of rules. You can kill them with this. They can no more obey their own rules than the Christian church can live up to Christianity. Saul Alinsky

Through the use of such despicable tactics, the media has succeeded in convincing the majority that their views are shameful and that they are a minority with no hope of opposing the liberal agenda.

Misrepresentation and Lies

The left pretends to speak for all of society.
They claim to speak for all blacks.
They claim to speak for all women.
They claim to speak for the poor.
They claim to speak for the man in the street.

Yet what the left is actually doing is dumbing down blacks and treating them as though they were inferior and in need of special help.  Abortion, pushed so fiercely by the left, is killing black babies at a rate five times higher than white babies, reducing the black population of the U.S.

The left is not representing all women, as they would have us think; women are split pretty evenly on support/opposition to the Contraceptive Mandate.  Women are split evenly on pro-life/pro-choice Women are split evenly on most issues, reflecting the general split between conservatives and liberals in our entire society, which is neither gender-specific nor race-specific. There is no war on between men and women as the left would have you believe; men and women do not appear to have any gender-specific political/moral views at all.

The left has no more right to claim representation of women or of blacks than does the right. (The true split in America is between those who support and those who oppose Judeo-Christian values.  The opponents of Judeo-Christian values used to be in the negligible minority.  But now, as they approach larger numbers- about one third of America- they think they can use Alinsky tactics to railroad in their agenda against the wishes of the majority.  A kind of “Hail Mary pass.”  ‘Tho doubt Mary will be assisting them in this case.)

The policies of the left, which include providing ever-increasing numbers of entitlement programs, have now created a society in which one third of Americans are supported by government checks, half of American households receive government aid, one half of Americans pay no federal income tax at all, and all of these people have become dependent on the ever-increasingly sized government.

These misrepresentations, lies and promises by radical left politicians like Barack Obama get them some votes and some power today, but will lead only to tragedy for the future of our nation.

The Entitlement Bubble

Having experienced “bubbles” like the dot-com bubble and the housing bubble, and having witnessed their collapse, we should be able to anticipate the bursting of the entitlement program bubble.  Clearly, a shrinking minority population of hard working successful people cannot continue to support an ever-growing dependent population forever.  Already, there are not enough “rich people” to milk.  See the pictures and the simple math behind this at Taxing the Rich.

When the entitlement program bubble bursts, the poor and the man in the street will be worse off than anyone.  The left is not doing the poor man or the man in the street any favors.  They are just handing out lollipops, which will rot America’s teeth and will soon give us all economic and ethical malnutrition.

Another crucifixion – Rick Santorum and the Catholic Church

Like Rush Limbaugh, one more of my “knights in shining armor,” Rick Santorum, also dared to speak the truth, contradicting what the left considers to be politically correct.  He dared to mention that radical feminists are not really giving women an actual choice, but are railroading women into only one choice, the “feminist” choice.  This is something I wrote about two years ago in Feminism Updated.  It is so refreshing to see a man with the courage to speak this truth and to stand up for the choice that one quarter of American mothers make, and that probably another half of American mothers might make if they were not forced to work by our failing economy and failing value system.  The diehard work-loving career women who love their jobs and thrive in the workplace so much that they do not mind a double workload, or do not mind neglecting their home life, these women, represented by Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton, are probably few and far between.

Women who decide to stay home to raise their families are not honored or respected.  Their sacrificial work, relinquishing of money and position, and the essential services they provide for their families and for society are not appreciated, but are ridiculed instead.  The term “housewife” is now used in a derogatory sense, according to Wikipedia; the meaning of the word has been changed.   “Housewives” don’t even qualify for old age social security payments, while entitlements of every variety abound for every other segment of society, including the chronically unemployed. The housewife has become an unmentionable, untouchable and discarded segment of the population, despite the fact that there are 20 million of us “housewives” in America today.  That’s a lot of votes, and let’s hope they all go to Rick, who apparently appreciates this segment of society.

Rick Santorum’s courage in voicing this truth about women who choose to stay at home was also met with media condemnation and persecution.

In fact, the media went over the edge in it’s ridicule of Rick Santorum, to the point where they ridiculed the entire Catholic Church much more viciously than any “attack” perceived by the left on their liberal (loose) morals.

Vicious Liberal attack on the Catholic Church

The liberal Huffingon Post published an article February 24, 2012, in which Larry Doyle ridiculed the Catholic Church viciously.

The Catholic Church is the largest religion on earth, the largest religion in the United States, the religion of 25% of Americans, and a religion with beliefs closely related to those of 80% of Americans, who are Christian.  The Catholic Church is also the largest provider of hospitals, charities and schools in the nation.    Yet Larrry Doyle’s article reads like a compendium of the worst bigoted myths and lies about Catholicism that could be found in history:

The Jesus-Eating Cult of Rick Santorum -Larry Doyle, Huffington Post


…the bloody jihads his so-called church has carried on for centuries…

…current role as the tactical arm of the North American Man-Boy Love Association…

…Catholics participate in a barbaric ritual dating back two millennia, a “mass” in which a black-robed cleric casts a spell over some bread and wine, transfiguring it into the actual living flesh and blood of their Christ. Followers then line up to eat the Jesus meat and drink his holy blood in a cannibalistic reverie not often seen outside Cinemax….

…Roman Catholics like Santorum take their orders from “the Pope,” a high priest who, they believe, chats with God…

…Santorum has made no secret of his plans to implement his leader’s dicta on allowed uses of (deleted Larry Doyle’s graphic references to body parts here), but has said little about what additional dogma he will be compelled to obey….

…Will child killers and terrorists go unexecuted on the Pope’s say-so?…

…If Santorum is a good Catholic, and he appears to be among the very best, our real president will be Benedict XVI (a “former” Nazi, by the way)….

…Even more chilling is a possible connection between the Roman Catholic Church pedophile program and NAMBLA, which I discovered after conducting some research on the internet….

…I have an obligation to expose this phony theology that threatens to supplant Christianity as our official national religion…

…Need I remind you that only once in our great history has a Roman Catholic been elected president, and how tragically it ended?..

Media Coverage of Huffington Post’s Vicious Attack on the Catholic Church

  • Larry Doyle’s abusiveness towards the Catholic Church and towards Rick Santorum, which eclipses Rush Limbaugh’s gaffe by orders of magnitude, was not covered by the mainstream press.
  • Conservative leaders’ demands for apology were ignored by the Huffington Post.
  • Larry Doyle actually published a refusal to apologize.
  • The mainstream media completely ignored this one, despite conservative leaders’ demands for retraction and apology. Google searches for “Huffington Post Attack on Catholics” turn up just a couple of stories on the subject by the Washington Times, Fox News and the New American.

The Double Standard is Painfully Clear

How can Huffington Post’s vicious attack on US Catholics go unnoticed and unapologized-for, while Rush Limbauhg’s calling a sexually promiscuous loose-moraled co-ed two names gets turned into a political maelstrom eclipsing the upcoming national elections

I do not support Rush Limbaugh’s use of words like “slut,” or “prostitute.” Neither does Cardinal Dolan, who suggested that we do not use “pugnacious tactics” in the Contraception Mandate debate.

However, I do sympathize with Rush Limbaugh’s sentiments of outrage.  It is important to realize that the language Rush used was pretty tame compared with the language one hears daily at our universities, in our grammar schools, and on popular TV shows like Jon Stewart’s Daily Show.

And it is painfully obvious that a double standard is being used by the media; conservatives are fried for the least infraction of perfect Judeo-Christian conduct, while liberals are not held accountable for anything.

So Where Do We Go From Here?

The majority of Americans clearly support abstinence before marriage, clearly oppose promiscuity, and clearly oppose the funding of other people’s promiscuous sexual escapades with our precious tax dollars.

Yet many are failing to speak out because they fear the vicious Alinsky tactics of the left.

  • Vicious tactics that have been effective and in use for a long time.
  • Vicious tactics that the mainstream media, now dominated by liberals, uses routinely.
  • Vicious tactics that the Huffington Post uses on Catholics.
  • Vicious tactics that I have documented during the March 2011 union demonstrations in Madison.
  • Vicious tactics on which Andrew Breitbart was preparing an exposee just before he died.
  • Vicious tactics that appear to have the support of President Obama, who attended and served as a panelist on Alinsky tactics while a United States Senator.

Perhaps some Americans are failing to speak out because they believe that they are in the minority and that they have no chance to change anything.

Yet the only thing that will save us is speaking out.

It is time for the silent majority to realize what is being done to them – the stakes are too high to ignore this battle for the future of our country and the legacy we will leave our children and the world.

We Must All Speak Out

We must speak.
We must vote.
We must halt the imposition of the (minority) liberal agenda which seeks to reverse the Judeo-Christian values on which this country was founded.
We must all be “knights in shining armour,” speaking the truth, risking political incorrectness, and yes, risking ridicule, and Rick Santorum and Rush Limbaugh are illustrating for us how.
And most important, we must pray.  No doubt in my mind that Rick and Rush pray.

Thank You, Rush and Thank You, Rick!

A BIG thanks to two courageous men who are sticking their necks out to preserve all we hold dear.
Thanks Rush, and thanks, Rick!