Come Stand Up For Religious Freedom

The next Stand Up for Religious Freedom Rally takes place on Saturday, October 20 – just 17 days before the general election.  Join us at Rally sites nationwide as we fight to restore religious freedom in the United States!

Rally Info & Locations: Stand Up for Religious

Why Should I Go?

It’s Simple:


It’s Not Just For Catholics- Atheists Should Be Worried, Too

Or Why Even Atheists Should Stand Against Presidential Mandates


If Presidents of the future will be permitted to issue mandates like the HHS Mandate, without popular vote, without Senate or House vote, and without Supreme Court evaluation, what mandate will the NEXT President of the United States, who may not belong to your favorite political affiliation, decree?

I may not like President Obama’s mandates.
But others, including atheists, would not like President Romney’s mandates


Where’s the Rally in Madison?

The Madison, WI rally is on the State Street steps of the State Capitol building in downtown Madison, WI.
Noon on Saturday, October 20, 2012.
During the Farmer’s Market!
Come and join us!

Agnostics welcome.
Atheists welcome.
Baptists welcome.
Buddhists welcome.
Catholics welcome.
Evangelicals welcome.
Jews welcome.
Lutherans welcome.
Muslims welcome.
Presbyterians welcome.
All welcome, including any not mentioned above.
Invitation limited to well-behaved people who respect the rights of others.