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Let There Be No Foreign God Among You…


‘Let there be no foreign god among you;

Cima da Conegliano (1460–1518)

no worship of an alien god.
I am the Lord your God,
who brought you from the land of Egypt.
Open wide your mouth and I will fill it.

‘But my people did not heed my voice
and Israel would not obey,
so I left them in their stubbornness of heart
to follow their own designs.

‘O that my people would heed me,
that Israel would walk in my ways!
At once I would subdue their foes,
turn my hand against their enemies.

‘The Lord’s enemies would cringe at their feet
and their subjection would last for ever.
But Israel I would feed with finest wheat
and fill them with honey from the rock.’

…………………………………….– Psalm 80 (81)
…………………………………….– from Today’s Divine Office, Morning Prayer


Translation 2012:
(addendum requested by a friend)

Much of 2012 America refuses to obey God’s law.
Even “religious” people who pray, have re-interpreted Judeo-Christian teaching to suit themselves, condoning abortion, promiscuity, divorce, gay marriage, dishonesty and materialism.
God is no longer God (i.e. first and most important and in charge).
Now comfort and pleasure are gods, and we are the bosses.

As the above psalm states, God sadly leaves us in our stubbornness of heart to follow our own designs.  He has given us free will.

If only God’s people would heed Him, God would subdue our foes and feed us with all that is good.
Hope we figure that out soon, as a nation.


God’s rules are not archaic, outdated or stupid.
God’s rules are not counter-scientific or mysterious.
God’s rules are wise, and are designed to protect us from rash, impulsive and dangerous decisions which lead to misery in this life, as well as in the next.
God is the ultimate wise one, the ultimate loving one, and the ultimate patient and tolerant one.

When we start obeying His law, and stop thinking that we are smarter and wiser than He is, our lives will improve.
Our lives will improve not only personally, but our life and prosperity as a nation will also improve.

But Religion is myth, is it not?

We have no trouble believing historical accounts on the existence, deeds and words of  ancient philosophers, Roman Emperors, and Presidents.  We believe the reports of individual news reporters every day.
Yet we question the witness of thousands of people throughout history, and discard the testimony of literally billions of religious people today, when it comes to the existence, deeds and words of God throughout human history.

For those not in some form of denial, religion is just as historical as is the existence of Abraham Lincoln.
Abraham Lincoln, who was, by the way, home-schooled by his mother with the Bible as his text.

Studying the history of God’s participation in human events and acknowledging our need to follow His rules and to ask for His help equips us for greatness.
Ignoring God leads to masochistic folly.
Satan knows this.
And no, Satan is not a myth, any more than God is.
The best military tactic in history is to convince your enemy that you do not exist, that you are no threat.
That has been one of Satan’s favorite tactics.

(Subject for a future blog post.)

Should President Obama be Jailed for a Month?


Criminal Penalty for Mocking

An Ohio man was just sentenced to one month in jail for mocking a disabled girl.
He was caught on video mocking her awkward walk, and the Judge gave him the maximum sentence for misdemeanor charges of disorderly conduct and aggravated menacing.

President Obama Mocking


President Obama just mocked the Sign of the Cross while “pardoning” a Thanksgiving turkey.
He decided to give the turkey a “special dispensation,” instead of the usual “presidential pardon.”
That’s not all.
Obama also used his left hand to make the Sign of the Cross, something never done out of respect of the Sign of the Cross, even by those who are left-handed.
Not insulting enough?
Obama made the Sign of the Cross backwards (also not done).
Obama did it twice.
The President seemed so pleased with himself that apparently he repeated the performance a second time.
One of the desecrations/obominations caught on You Tube:

Consequences for President Obama?

Nobody approves of mocking the disabled.
But shouldn’t the President be held accountable to the same standards?

Is it O.K. for the President to mock Catholics and their sacred symbols?


To mock them publicly, on Thanksgiving, in front of his daughters, after omitting the mention of God, for the fourth year, from his Thanksgiving message?

Who will judge Obama, and what will his penalty be?
Mr. Nakoula, the man whom Obama tried to blame for Benghazi, the author of the anti-Islam video, is still in jail. Still in jail two months after his arrest, and we all know he was falsely accused by the President.

What a double standard!

But Seriously…

Of course, the above is a spoof…
We don’t jail people in the United States for doing rude things or for having “hateful thoughts.”
That’s God’s domain, not government’s, and God does not jail people; he’s often quite a bit more merciful than governments are.

However, if we wanted a valid reason to jail/impeach President Obama, they abound:

The list gets pretty lengthy… probably a subject for another blog post.

Sobering Thought

We end with a sobering thought;
If we impeached Obama, here is the Presidential succession we would go through:


How Free Speech Died on Campus…


Liberals are Most Authoritarian?


A young activist (Lukianoff) describes how universities became the most authoritarian institutions in America:

Click image to go to the Wall Street Journal article:



The trouble is that students are usually intimidated into submission. The startling majority of students don’t bother. They’re too concerned about their careers, too concerned about their grades, to bother fighting back…

 A 2010 survey by the American Association of Colleges and Universities found that of 24,000 college students, only 35.6% strongly agreed that “it is safe to hold unpopular views on campus.” When the question was asked of 9,000 campus professionals—who are more familiar with the enforcement end of the censorship rules—only 18.8% strongly agreed.


To see VIDEO interview, click image:

What Kind of Young Man Wants to Become a Catholic Priest in 2012?

Thanks be to God for His goodness!

America Has Chosen…



We can ask ourselves in hindsight, “Why are we not surprised when kindergarteners vote for lollipops, instead of voting for healthy meals?”  Ask Michelle Obama about that.  Not sure she has an easy time with Barack’s nutritional choices.


One  thing we keep forgetting is that the prerequisite, for the success of democracy, is an ethical population.
In the absence of an ethical population, self-indulgence rules, and those least committed to justice and equality rapidly find ways of helping themselves to the national treasury, on every level, political and individual. When the number of such individuals grows too large, the nation begins to sink.

We can allow ourselves a moment of self-pity and regret.

Then we roll up our sleeves and start to patch the boat.

We can remind ourselves that humanity has done this for millennia- made mistakes, rolled up sleeves, and salvaged the wreckage with the help of God.  From the Old Testament tribulations of the Jews to the trials suffered by our parents and grandparents in World War II.  Apparently our assignment or “war” is the cultural war, which seeks to replace the Judeo-Christian foundations of the Constitution of the United States, with self-indulgent secular values, which discard the Ten Commandments.  We have lost a battle, but the war goes on.

As throughout the rest of history, God remains on our side.

Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened, and I will give you rest.
Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am meek and humble of heart; and you will find rest for your selves.
For my yoke is easy, and my burden light.
– Matthew 11:28


The good news is that half of America still understands the importance of Judeo-Christian values.
The other half, like most young people, need to make some mistakes and suffer a few bruises before they figure out where they are going wrong.
If we’re at all honest, we say “Been there, done that.”

And our job is to tolerate them, to love them, to pray for them, and to help them.
Don’t get me wrong, not to facilitate.  But to watch for opportunities to provide constructive help.

The dream of achieving paradise on earth is always a tempting one, but in reality, no nation has ever achieved it, so we should not be surprised that we struggle to do so.

God will see us through.


And now, for my moment of personal self-pity before I roll up my sleeves once again:





What does not kill us will make us strong.

America Chooses…

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America Chooses…



From today’s Liturgy of the Hours:

Psalm 84 (85)
Our salvation is very near

Lord, you blessed your land; you forgave the guilt of your people.

O Lord, you once favoured your land
and revived the fortunes of Jacob,
you forgave the guilt of your people
and covered all their sins.
You averted all your rage,
you calmed the heat of your anger.

Revive us now, God, our helper!
Put an end to your grievance against us.
Will you be angry with us for ever,
will your anger never cease?

Will you not restore again our life
that your people may rejoice in you?
Let us see, O Lord, your mercy
and give us your saving help.

I will hear what the Lord God has to say,
a voice that speaks of peace,
peace for his people and his friends
and those who turn to him in their hearts.
His help is near for those who fear him
and his glory will dwell in our land.

Mercy and faithfulness have met;
justice and peace have embraced.
Faithfulness shall spring from the earth
and justice look down from heaven.

The Lord will make us prosper
and our earth shall yield its fruit.
Justice shall march before him
and peace shall follow his steps.

Glory to the Father and to the Son,
and to the Holy Spirit:
as it was in the beginning, is now,
and will be for ever. Amen.

Lord, you blessed your land; you forgave the guilt of your people.


For Judeo-Christian values and for the Constitution of the United States

IRS Surrenders to Pastors: Politics from the Pulpit O.K.!


In a recent blog post, I described the effort of  Evangelical Pastors to challenge the IRS on Pastors’ freedom of speech with “Pulpit Feedom Sunday” on October 7th : Heckling the Rosary or Renaming the Wisconsin State Journal (scroll down to this pulpit photo).

Looks like the IRS has surrendered-
IRS Surrenders” ‘Holding Any Potential Chruch Audits in Abeyance’

IRS Suspends ‘Politicized’ Church Tax Audits

Here’s a message from the founder of Chesapeake, Virginia-based Exodus Faith Ministries, the Bishop E. W. Jackson, to Black Christians regarding this election:




Monsignor Holmes, our Pastor, Madison, WI

A great note from my Pastor, Monsignor Holmes, in the parish bulletin today;

Monsignor Holmes:

I certainly intend to exercise my right to vote on Tuesday – in fact, I would crawl the four blocks to my polling place over broken glass in order to vote this year. And I trust that you will too – vote, that is.

Personally, I am hopeful about the current elections. I am optimistic that we will have a good number of newly elected leaders who will be more sensitive to our moral concerns and our freedom of religion. And, God willing, sufficiently prudent decisions will be made so that we can avert the national collapse that appears (at least to me) to loom on the horizon…. click to continue

You can hear some of Monsignor Holmes’ fantastic sermons at the Cathedral Parish media archive.

To My Friends Who Are Democrats…

(See former Hillary Clinton aide postscript at end.)
Pitching politics has been counter-intuitive for me for most of my lifetime.

I have never belonged to one political party, and still refuse to join one.
I refuse to be a groupie following one charismatic individual, and I do not relinquish my free will to control by any organization or group.
Admittedly, I have been quite conservative most of my life; although there have been exceptions to that, too, particularly during my college days.

A Realistic View

My view of politics is a realistic one; nothing’s black, nothing’s white. Nobody is 100% right, nobody is 100% wrong. I like to enquire, to think, and to adopt the best of what everyone has to offer. That includes ideas from more than one political party.

The United States seems limited to two major parties.  Not a bad system, from the viewpoint of avoiding governance by a minority, smaller than 51%.  Since one party is not likely to encompass all the ideas of a particular individual, we have to weigh the pros and cons offered by the two major parties at each election, and choose the party that satisfies our most important considerations at that historical time.

But Aren’t You a Republican?

Anybody reading this blog must have noticed that my writing seems to be very pro-Republican in 2012.  But those who read carefully will notice that I rarely use the word Republican. I rarely use the name Romney.  Instead, I use the word conservative.

What About Most Americans?

Few Americans are extremists.
Few people are radically conservative or radically liberal.
Most of us are in the middle.
Even those who are quite conservative, like me, believe in the right of others to reject my beliefs. Religious Christians respect the gift of Free Will given to us by God, and we respect the freedom guaranteed to us by the Constitution of the United States.
Few liberals are callous, insensitive to the bankrupting of America, or to the extermination of 54 million unborn American citizens by abortion, a problem particularly affecting black communities.
Few conservatives are callous, insensitive to the plight of the poor, or to the horrors of war.

Most Americans appreciate that good people can view things from different perspectives, and those who disagree with us probably have noble motivations.  Even if we believe that our opponents have their facts mistaken, we can admire them for their dedication to justice and to fairness, which we share.

Most Americans are independent in spirit, and have voted for candidates from both political parties over the years.
For many years, the differences between Democrats and Republicans were not overwhelmingly large; both supported Judeo-Christian principles, and both supported the rule of law as outlined in the Constitution of the United States.  Did you know that as recently as 1999, Harry Reid opposed abortion?  So did Joe Biden, Al Gore, Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy.

But 2012 is different.

What’s Different in 2012?

Barack Obama is the difference in 2012.
Barack Obama, unlike previous Presidents, and unlike most Americans and most liberals, has shown himself to be a rigid, inflexible idealist.

The unification, transparency, and justice that he promised, and on the basis of which he was elected, have been replaced by a dictatorial, extreme and unaccountable set of policies, executed by czars, which have pushed America into gridlock.
His policies and mandates do not follow the rule of law.

President Obama’s ideals don’t represent those of most liberals or most Americans, yet he tries to mandate compliance with his ideals.  He issues mandates without approval of the House, Senate, or Supreme Court.  When the legislature refuses to pass what President Obama wants, he bypasses them with a mandate. Then he promises Vladimir Putin that he will have “more flexibility” after this election.

How Has Barack Obama Reneged On His Promises and Violated the Rights of Americans?

President Obama has reneged on a number of the duties to which he was sworn at his inauguration, and on a number of campaign promises he made in 2008.

Barack Obama has imposed his will on our country in many areas:

  • Morality and Freedom of Conscience
  • Economy
  • Prospects for Students
  • Foreign Policy
  • Immigration

Morality and Freedom of Conscience

Barack Obama has ignored the opposition of 2/3 of America on federal funding of abortion, and has even gone beyond federal funding of abortion, forcing Catholics to pay for the contraceptives and abortifacients of others.  He has dismissed the concerns of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), and has ignored lawsuits filed by 43 Catholic organizations.  The courts are now starting to strike down this unconstitutional mandate.

Barack Obama’s radical and unfettered promotion of unrestricted abortion free of charge has elicited the protest of numerous moral leaders, including Catholic Bishops, the 94 year old Billy Graham, Jews, Baptists, and numerous other Christian churches.

Such a radical promotion of abortion and contraception no only renders our society inhuman from the point of view of morality, but also has economic consequences, since shrinking and aging populations will face rapidly mounting debts.

Abortion is already a much, much bigger deal than most think. Under Barack Obama, abortion will be taken to unprecedented levels.
Against the wishes of 2/3 of America.


Barack Obama has not passed a single budget in four years, and submits budgets to the legislature so unrealistic, that they get ZERO Democrat votes in the Senate, which is held by Democrats.
Sometimes it appears that the President doesn’t understand the math.
Recently, he admitted on national television that he struggles with 7th grade math.  This cannot be good.

Barack Obama has raised the national debt by 50% in just 4 years with his spending, creating a per capita national debt of over $50,00 for each of us, when it was just $33,000 four years ago. Since only half of us pay any federal income tax, that means a per capita debt of about $100,000 for each person who pays federal tax, and a per household debt of over $250,000 in the United States today.  Since the average household income in the United States is $50,000, that’s already quite a debt, a debt of five years income for each of us.  If Barack Obama is reelected, the national debt is projected to go up an additional 47% over 10 years, bringing the household share of the national debt to over $375,00.  That will be a debt of seven and a half years income for each of us ten years from now.  If you think you have paid off your mortgage by then, you can start a new mortgage on a $375,000 house.  That’s for the average family earning $50,000 per year.  If your income is higher, your extra debt will be higher.

Scrooge McDuck

Quite some plan Barack Obama has for us, considering that our per capita national debt is  already worse than Greece’s today, at the outset, right now.

Barack Obama’s plan to tax the rich is so naive that it betrays the fact that he struggles with 7th grade math.  There are not enough rich people in America to get appreciable income from increasing their taxation, and his recent proposal would require DOUBLING the taxes of all people earning $250,000 per year; a move that would wipe out the ability of small businesses to hire workers or to expand.  The President seems to be reading too many comic books.

(Dismal) Prospects for Students

Already, 53% of recent college grads are jobless or underemployed. Considering the fact that the average graduate faces $27,000 in loan repayment, and the fact that the average college grad starting salary is $44,000, this does not spell good news for college grads or their families.  College students are demoralized, they do not want to live in their parents’ basements, and the parents do not need to face supporting unemployed adults instead of saving for retirement.

The jobs these students would have been getting in the absence of Obama’s naive policies are destroyed by ObamaCare costs for employers and Obama’s intention to double taxation on small business owners, who will not hire and expand.

Barack Obama insults the intelligence of these young people by offfering them free abortions and free birth control pills (value $500 and $9/monthly) in exchange for their votes, in return for a future of unemployment, debt and low pay.  With poor people, he tries to buy their votes with free “Obama-phones.” 

Foreign Policy

In the light of recent events in Benghazi, the most positive possible interpretation of Barack Obama’s negligent actions in failing to protect our Embassy staff would be that he did not provide security for the Benghazi because he did not expect anyone in Libya to touch Americans, perhaps because we are such nice people.  Can anyone be that naive?

Barack Obama acted as though we are in Libya handing out candies to trick-or-treaters, and he did not expect them to come out wielding knives, or heavy weapons such as the ones which were used against the Benghazi embassy – automatic weapons, mortars and rocket propelled grenades.  When caught criminally unprepared, coverup followed.

An even less flattering explanation of Barack Obama’s actions would include Obama sacrificing our global standing intentionally.  Obama has been accused of an anti-colonialist mentality, which considers that the US needs to be downsized globally in it’s lifestyle, it’s power and it’s wealth.  The movie 2016:Obama’s America documents these claims by Dinesh D’Souza, a University President who bases most of his claims on Obama’s autobiography, Dreams of My Father, as well as research into Obama’s life. 2016: Obama’s America is showing in theaters now, has grossed more than $33.45 million in the United States.  The movie is now the second biggest political documentary in film history.  Yet this record-setting film is virtually being ignored by the mainstream media, which protects Obama from criticism routinely and shamelessly.

Another less flattering explanation of Barack Obama’s actions would include accusing him of intentionally reducing US Power because of the secret Marxist ideology taught to him by Marshall Davis, a Communist Party USA propagandist who is mentioned in Obama’s autobiography .  This theory is based on the documented fact that Obama’s mother posed for pornographic photos taken by Marshall Davis, who, it is suggested, could also be Barack Obama’s father.  These suggestions are explored by the movie Dreams from my REAL Father, which can be watched instantly on Netflix.  If you have not seen this film, I suggest you watch it this weekend, before you vote.

Finally, a third movie, The Hope and the Change, is available to watch for free on Hulu at   The Hope and the Change is a documentary about independent and Reagan Democrat voters who cast their ballots for Obama in 2008 and will not do so in 2012.  These voters feel betrayed by Obama’s false promises of hope and lofty rhetoric.



Barack Obama has refused to enforce immigration laws at the US border with Mexico, and has sued Arizona when Arizona tried to enforce laws themselves. In this, and other areas, Obama has failed to defend the Constitution of the United States and to enforce its laws.
He has demonstrated a naivete in economics and in foreign policy that has placed our nation  in tremendous danger.

The Point

So the point is: Barack Obama is not your normal Democrat.
Barack Obama does not respect the voice of the American People, 2/3 of whom oppose ObamaCare, 2/3 of whom oppose federal funding of abortion, and 2/3 of whom oppose Obama’s recent violations of the religious liberty of Catholics.
Barack Obama does not respect the division of governmental power between Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches.
Barack Obama does not respect his own promises of 2008.
Barack Obama is not who he told us he was.
Barack Obama does not plan to work with all Americans, he just plans to continue pushing his extreme agenda, with which even Democrats disagree.

What To Do

Take Clint Eastwood’s advice; let Barack Obama go.
Mitt Romney’s campaign has been based on love of America, and on pragmatism and cooperation which can end the gridlock. He’s demonstrated his ability to work across the aisle as Governor of Massachusetts.
The election of Mitt Romney would give the Democratic party, which used to represent more moderate views, an opportunity to regroup and respond to the will of the American people.


PostScript: A former Hillary Clinton aide Gigi George is backing Romney because:

“For most of my life, I’ve been an active Democrat. I am proud to have worked for President Bill Clinton and then-Senator Hillary Clinton, and, during that time, I saw firsthand what can be accomplished by strong, bipartisan leadership. I know what it means to work across the aisle on issues that are important to the American people. And that’s why I am supporting Mitt Romney. Governor Romney has a plan to restore the prosperity this country deserves and expects. He will work with people of good will no matter what their party, and he will pursue the policies that are in the best interest of our country, no matter who proposes them. That’s what President Obama promised to do four years ago. But like so many of his promises, bipartisan cooperation is just another one he has broken. We can’t have four more years of failed policies and two parties that can’t work together. We need the change Mitt Romney is offering.”

More Postscipts:

  • My Catholic pastor in today’s Cathedral Parish Church bulletin:
    I certainly intend to exercise my right to vote on Tuesday – in fact, I would crawl the four blocks to my polling place over broken glass in order to vote this year. And I trust that you will too – vote, that is.
    Personally, I am hopeful about the current elections. I am optimistic that we will have a good number of newly elected leaders who will be more sensitive to our moral concerns and our freedom of religion. And, God willing, sufficiently prudent decisions will be made so that we can avert the national collapse that appears (at least to me) to loom on the horizon…  (see above link to finish reading)

    500 Admirals and Generals Endorse Mitt Romney

Bishops Who Deserve the Purple Heart


Proud To Be a Catholic!

The Purple Heart is a medal awarded to soldiers for being wounded or killed while fighting an enemy of the United States.

I’ve already seen several Catholic Bishops this week, courageous spiritual warriors who have risked all in defending the values encoded in the Constitution of the United States – the defense of life, liberty and property.  The wounds they suffer may not be physical, but courageous Catholic Bishops suffer death threats, and many other forms of abuse.
I am sure there will be more reports of courageous Bishops before November 6th.  Send me reports, and I will add them to this list.

Bishop #1

Bishop Robert C. Morlino of Madison, WI

Bishop Robert Morlino of Madison, WI – for a courageous election homily delivered on October 28th, 2012, entitled Lord, I Want to See.
Audio at Madison Cathedral Parish website.

Transcript below at end of this article.

Bishop Morlino spoke about the November 6th election, on Benghazi, on gay marriage, on cafeteria Catholics, on abortion, on the Wisconsin State Journal, on the media, on a candidate who promotes abortion without restraint and at no cost:

As a result of this election, our country could become more and more inhuman in it’s soul, and the consequences of that, foreseen and unseen, would be catastrophic.”

“This is the most important election in my lifetime, the essence of what it is to be human is what’s at stake.  That’s far more important than the economy.  Because if humanity is under attack, nothing can go right with the economy. 

Bishop #2

Bishop Thomas John Paprocki of Springfield, Illinois:

Your vote will affect the eternal salvation of your own

Bishop #3

Bishop Walker Nickless of Sioux City, Iowa– will be publishing the following ad in newspapers all across Iowa (click picture to enlarge):


(thanks to Tom Reitz for this info on facebook)

Bishop #4

Bishop David Ricken of Green Bay, Wisconsin: Voting Democrat Puts Soul in Jeopardy

Bishop #5

Bishop Michael Sheridan of Colorado Springs, Colorado:  Biden Should Not Receive Communion

When I started on this article, I had 3 Catholic Bishops.
Now I have 5.

More and More and More!!! … …

I thought I was finished with this article… informs us that many Catholic Bishops are beginning to unite publicly against the Democratic Pary’s championing of abortion.
Archbishop Chaput of Philadelphia Pennsylvania  is included, #6

Breitbart writes:

The forces for life are beginning to wake up.

Hey, wait…
Bishop Daniel Jenky of Peoria, Illinois# 7



Please note: that this was the MORMON
Tabernacle Choir. 😮



Transcript of Bishop Morlino’s Election Homily on October 28th:

Lord, I want to see. 

Bishop Robert Morlino’s Sunday Homily, October 28, 2012

Based on the Gospel reading, Mark 10:46-52

Bartimaeus was not born blind, like the man in the gospel according to John, whom we always recall one of the later Sundays during Lent.   Bartimaeus was not born blind.  He had his sight for many years, and then lost it.   So he knew what he did not have.  And on top of it, he was reduced to begging by his blindness and disability, so that he was without human dignity.

Bartimaeus is sitting there in his misery, and along comes Jesus.  And Bartimaeus can’t control himself, because all of a sudden, hope invades his misery, and he cries out to Jesus.  Jesus says “Bring him over here.  What do you want from me?”  Bartimaeus is s plainspoken man.  “Lord, I want to see.”  He receives his sight, and what does he do? Go back to his former life? No.  With his new sight, he immediately follows Jesus.   

That’s what our New Evangelization during the Year of Faith is all about.  So many once had their sight, but have become blind.  The problem is, they don’t know enough to say, “I want to see.”  And somehow, we are to be the instruments of the hope of Jesus Christ that moves them to say that.  But we have a major problem in our country and in our society, with people, including many Catholics, who simply do not want to see.

There is an article in the State Journal today, and you can almost conclude from that that it’s unreliable, but it is, by a sociologist, about Vatican II.  And Vatican II brought life to lay people.  Vatican II took lay people seriously.  All of that is right. 

How did Vatican II take lay people seriously?  Vatican II pointed out that lay people don’t simply obey the Church any more.  They’re adult.  They’re too adult for that. So what Vatican II said is the lay people are obligated to find out what the Church teaches, and then make up their own mind about it.  Find out what the Church teaches, and then say yes or no.  In other words, this sociologist, whose observations are included in the State Journal article, believes that what Vatican II did for the Church is make possible “cafeteria Catholicism.”  Vatican II pushed “cafeteria Catholicism.  O, you have to find out what the Church teaches, but then you decide whether you have to follow it or not. 

If one is called to be Catholic, one follows what the Church teaches.  That is the correct understanding of conscience.  And if one really cannot follow what the Church teaches, then one’s conscience requires that one leave the Church.   But one’s conscience does not require that one make up one’s own personal religion from A to Z, finding out the Church’s teaching, and then saying, “Well that’s O.K., that’s O.K., that’s O.K.; over here, I don’t like this, I will cast my line-item veto, on what the Church teaches.

Cafeteria Catholics were not always blind, but now they are, and they don’t want to see.  And the reason they don’t want to see is that there are people around telling them the whole point of Vatican II was to create cafeteria Catholicism.  How could that ever be true? 

There are many Catholics who happen to be Democrats, who don’t want to see.  There are many Catholics who happen to be Republicans, who don’t want to see. 

What is there to see?

A candidate who promotes abortion without restraint and at no cost.
abortion.   And on top of it, it’s free.

Promotes artificial contraception.   And it’s free.

Sometimes I think to myself, “It would make sense that someone would not worry about the effects of colossal death on future generations if their policy discourages future generations. 
If abortion is promoted, free, if artificial contraception is promoted, free, who are going to people future generations?  The birth rate goes down, down, down, down, down.  And so you worry less about handing on a debt to future generations because there might not be any, if we just abortion and artificial birth control ourselves as a culture and a society into oblivion. 

This is very serious business.  And yet there are many who call themselves Catholics who don’t want to see. 

Written in our very human nature, in the language of our body, by the Creator, is that marriage means one husband, one wife, one lifetime, with openness to children.  Every human being has the right to marry the person he chooses, or she chooses, of the opposite sex.  No one’s right to marry a person of the opposite sex is threatened.  But there is no right to redefine marriage as same-sex marriage. 

To redefine marriage is to attack the essence of being human.  “God made them human, male and female.” And He made them for marriage.  He gave their bodies a nuptial meaning.   That’s who we are as human.  We are male and female.  If that doesn’t matter, then humanity as it was created starts to ebb away.  And now we have people who want to play some kind of  a game that is deadly to humanity, that says, “Well, let the child be born, and after some years, let him or her decide whether he wants to be he or she.” 

Instead of being what God created me to be, I become what I think I am.  God is no longer in charge, what I think is in charge.  I don’t want to see. 

Many Catholics, unfortunately, are caught up in that. 
And if someone does not want to see, there’s no hope for healing.  Because they don’t know that they need to be healed, obviously. 
And look at the press and the television, the mass media. We’re getting an overdose of it every day.  “I don’t want to see what happened in Libya, in Benghazi.  I don’t want to see it—at least until the election is over. Then, maybe. ”

Bartimaeus’ salvation turned out to be in those four words,, “I want to see.”  Our country, and our culture, including many Catholics, proclaim, “I don’t want to see.”  

That’s the challenge of the New Evangelization.  And that’s the challenge that awaits our country that we have to face, ready or not, on November the 6th, and I’m terribly afraid that we’re not ready to face it.  Because an electorate that doesn’t want to see, including Catholics,  cannot elect wisely. 

You and I have to be instruments of waking people up out of their blindness.  They’re blind, and they think it’s fine.  At least for right now.  That blindness could lead our country more and more in the direction of inhumanity.   As a result of this election, our country could become more and more and more inhuman – in it’s soul – and the consequences of that foreseen and unseen would be catastrophic.  This is the most important election in my lifetime, the essence of what it is to be human is what’s at stake.  That’s far more important than the economy.  Because if humanity is under attack, nothing can go right with the economy.

We have to pray hard, and we have to speak up, in the next nine or ten days, to our friends, our neighbors, our fellow family members who don’t want to see.  If the can discover that in not wanting to see there is no hope, there is no joy, maybe they would repent, by God’s grace.  And so above all, we have to pray for them, pray for our country, pray for those who do not want to see.   That they will decide in the favor of hope, and for the long-term future of our country they will choose life, rather than death, for humanity. 

Praised be Jesus Christ. 









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