Should President Obama be Jailed for a Month?


Criminal Penalty for Mocking

An Ohio man was just sentenced to one month in jail for mocking a disabled girl.
He was caught on video mocking her awkward walk, and the Judge gave him the maximum sentence for misdemeanor charges of disorderly conduct and aggravated menacing.

President Obama Mocking


President Obama just mocked the Sign of the Cross while “pardoning” a Thanksgiving turkey.
He decided to give the turkey a “special dispensation,” instead of the usual “presidential pardon.”
That’s not all.
Obama also used his left hand to make the Sign of the Cross, something never done out of respect of the Sign of the Cross, even by those who are left-handed.
Not insulting enough?
Obama made the Sign of the Cross backwards (also not done).
Obama did it twice.
The President seemed so pleased with himself that apparently he repeated the performance a second time.
One of the desecrations/obominations caught on You Tube:

Consequences for President Obama?

Nobody approves of mocking the disabled.
But shouldn’t the President be held accountable to the same standards?

Is it O.K. for the President to mock Catholics and their sacred symbols?


To mock them publicly, on Thanksgiving, in front of his daughters, after omitting the mention of God, for the fourth year, from his Thanksgiving message?

Who will judge Obama, and what will his penalty be?
Mr. Nakoula, the man whom Obama tried to blame for Benghazi, the author of the anti-Islam video, is still in jail. Still in jail two months after his arrest, and we all know he was falsely accused by the President.

What a double standard!

But Seriously…

Of course, the above is a spoof…
We don’t jail people in the United States for doing rude things or for having “hateful thoughts.”
That’s God’s domain, not government’s, and God does not jail people; he’s often quite a bit more merciful than governments are.

However, if we wanted a valid reason to jail/impeach President Obama, they abound:

The list gets pretty lengthy… probably a subject for another blog post.

Sobering Thought

We end with a sobering thought;
If we impeached Obama, here is the Presidential succession we would go through: