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Wisconsin is Beautiful and God is Good!

The best way to spend New Year’s Eve: up north Wisconsin:

Three good friends…



Tom and Rolf

Lake DuBay


Mika’s found the Bugs Bunny residence?


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What a lovely gift from my ‘bro on my birthday:

(the Lithuanian says ‘Happy Birthday, Syte.”)

Making Sense of the Connecticut Shootings

As we all stuggle to comprehend and to cope with the shooting of all the innocents in Connecticut, including not only the innocent children, but also the innocent adults, the best perspective I have seen came from Madison’s Bishop Robert C. Morlino, in his homily on Gaudete Sunday, December 16, 2012.


Bishop Morlino’s Homily Audio (click here).


Text of Bishop Morlino’s Homily:

………………………………………………………..-transcript by Tom Reitz of Reitz Internet

Homily for Gaudete Sunday (12/16/2012)

-Bishop Robert C. Morlino

Bishop Robert C. Morlino
Madison, WI
Gaudete Sunday, 2012

It seems like forever ago that I saw the movie The Exorcist. And it was forever ago in the sense that it was in the late 70’s, early 80’s – before some of the great young people here were even born.

But there was one line and one scene that stuck with me. And it was not any of the overblown portrayals of the devil’s presence. They did go overboard in that movie in certain instances and attributed to the devil certain things that the devil should not do. Just to make it more sensational. But there was also a lot of wisdom in that movie, I have to say. The scene that I remember so clearly, was when the old man, the saintly old exorcist, Fr. Merrin, arrived at the house where the little girl was possessed by the devil. And the younger priest/psychologist was briefing Fr. Merrin on the situation of the possession. And after much conversation, much study, much reflection, much conversation with the child’s mother, he said to Fr. Merrin: “there are at least three spirits possessing this little girl.” Fr. Merrin hadn’t even laid eyes on this little girl yet, hadn’t talked to anybody, and he said with great serenity: “no, Fr. Damien, there is only one.” There is only one.

It is Gaudete Sunday. The Lord calls us to rejoice. And all morning I’ve been wondering what the priests in Newtown, Connecticut are going to say to the people about “rejoice.” They may even pass over it. But there is no question that on a unique Sunday when we are called to rejoice, a cloud has been cast over these United States. A cloud of tragedy, and sadness, and sorrow – in the extreme. In the extreme. And people are looking for all kinds of solutions or explanations. People are coming forward and asking policemen, they’re asking psychiatrists, they’re asking news commentators, the same question that was asked of St. John the Baptist in this morning’s Gospel: “What should we do?”

And there are all kinds of answers being offered. A lot of legislative solutions. “Let’s make some new laws about guns – that’ll stop it.” “Let’s turn the elementary school into a fortress with armed guards – that’ll stop it.” As if somebody could legislate Satan out of existence. What can we do? There’s only one explanation for this, and the explanation is Satan. And the only one who can expel Satan is Jesus Christ, and the power of Faith. It’s hurtful to see many people now who have pushed and pushed and pushed to expel God from the government schools, now stand around and say “well, how could God allow this?” Maybe if you hadn’t kicked Him out, it wouldn’t have happened.

As Fr. Merrin says, there’s only one – one explanation. Satan himself. Because our country more and more is being delivered over to Satan. It happens in so many ways. But in order to clear the way for Satan, we’ve got to get God out of the way. So out of the government schools, put the nativity scenes out of sight, call the Christmas Tree a holiday bush – do whatever you can. Let’s build a culture that forgets God. And people forget the first sin of all time (after the sin of Adam and Eve): once Adam and Eve pushed God aside and wanted to take his place, the next sin was Cain killing Able. Murder. The moment the human person turns against God, that human person turns against his fellow human beings. It can’t be any other way.

President Obama even said there’s a pattern of this violent killing behavior developing in our country in recent years. That’s true. But the explanation is not a lack of more legislation. It’s not a lack of more psychiatrists and psychologists in the school, to keep an eye on every child because evidently, because of this pattern, the parents fail in this regard. There’s no solution there. The solution is in allowing the true beauty of God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, in so many beautiful things and in so many
beautiful ways, to calm the spirit of the human being. Beauty: the beauty of the Father, of the Son, of the Spirit.

Why is this happening? Jesus tells us according to St. John that the Holy Spirit wants to convince the world of three things:
1.    The Holy Spirit wants to convince the world about sin, because they refuse to believe in Him.
2.    The Holy Spirit wants to convince the world about justice, because Jesus is returning to the
Father, and the Kingdom of Justice will then be restored.
3.    And the Holy Spirit wants to convince the world about judgment, because the Prince of This
World is condemned.

Who is up to the task of condemning the Prince of This World? Can that be done in legislation? Can we put three thousand psychiatrists on the Prince of This World? The Prince of This World is condemned by the cross and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The Prince of This World Tempts Jesus
The Temptation on the Mount
-Duccio di Buoninsegna (1260-1318)

And so, when the question is asked “What should we do?” The answer is “Turn back to God. Turn back to beauty. Turn back to truth. Turn back to what is good.” The problem underlying all of this is relativism. Everybody has his or her own beauty, his or her own goodness, his or her own truth. There is no real beauty, goodness, and truth. That in so many ways is the theme song of our own city here. And God help anybody who gets up and says “There is real beauty, goodness, and truth.” But that’s what we should do, because there’s only one explanation.

Bill Hemmer put it so beautifully at the end of the day on Friday when he said that “these beautiful children were waiting for Santa Claus. They were waiting for Santa’s visit. But instead the devil visited Newtown.” Makes me all the more convinced that his mother, who still thinks that he should be a priest, is right after all.

To say what the answer is, is not to take away the pain. Doesn’t affect that. God will use human love, human understanding, human generosity to heal over many years. Saying that it’s the devil doesn’t necessarily make those who are so deeply grieved feel better. I would never say that. But pointing to the devil as the one cause of this, Satan who is having his way with our World in so many ways, is the answer to the question “What should we do?” We should live out our baptism. We should renounce Satan, and all of his empty show, and all of his phony promises.

Our culture glories in Satan and his empty show, and his phony promises. John the Baptist’s theme during Advent is “repent”. That’s the solution, that’s where it starts. Not with more laws and regulations, not with three thousand new psychiatrists brooding over the public schools. It starts with repentance. And that’s why I’m afraid the solution might not start at all. Because along with God, that approach will be left in the dust, and everything else under heaven will be tried. As though we, by our legislation and our efforts, could cast out the Prince of This World. The Prince of This World is condemned by the Holy Spirit of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

As we peel back all the layers of suffering, sorrow, and shock, for what has happened, as we peel that back, on Gaudete Sunday we can still rejoice. Because while so many have been deprived by our country and our culture of beauty, we have the beauty of the nativity scene.

Anbetung der Hirten (Adoration of the Shepherds)
Giorgione (1477-1510)
National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.

We have the beauty of the shedding of Christ’s blood out of love. We have the beauty of the glorious resurrection and of Mary’s
glorious assumption into Heaven. We have all of that beauty, and that beauty causes us to celebrate here on Gaudete Sunday and to rejoice way down deep, behind all of those feelings we share with every other decent human being in the United States of America, we peel that back – underneath all of that there is still joy, because we have beauty in which to rejoice, beauty in which to celebrate the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

One concrete note, here at the end: the Holy Father said recently: “What are the symptoms of deep joy and beauty in a person?” What are the symptoms? And he said one of the main symptoms is a sense of humor. Because a deep and abiding joy will express itself that way, humanly. It’s natural. The country and culture in which we live have lost the sense of humor. You joke about certain things, you go to jail – or worse.

Certainly the tragedy of Newtown is no joking matter. But among ourselves, smiles should be common. Laughter should be regular. A sense of humor should be alive and well. We should be happy. Not because we overlook Newtown, or because we’re hardened, so we don’t even allow ourselves to be struck by it. Not because of that, but because when we look to our deepest self, there is nothing other there than the glory and the beauty of the Holy Spirit, who will convince the world that the Spirit of This World has been condemned.


And if the Holy Spirit doesn’t do that in our lifetime, in the spirit of Advent we wait for something that will be as real as you sitting there this morning. And as we wait for the Prince of This World to be condemned, we do everything we can to give him a bad rap, and to reject his temptations. But even if we don’t see it in our lifetime, we rejoice because the Holy Spirit, not Satan, will have the last word.
And Satan will be condemned by the only final judge of the world – Jesus Christ Our Lord.

Praised be Jesus Christ!

Roe v. Wade Turns 40


Roe v. Wade, the U.S. Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion,
was issued on January 22, 1973.

This January 22, 2013, will commemorate
the 40th anniversary of that Supreme Court decision.


To date, 55 million infants have been aborted in the United States, and are missing from our ranks as a nation.
55 million of us were not born, were not baptized, did not graduate, did not marry, did not have children, and did not contribute to the world in all areas, including philosophy, science, art, and religion.
At least one out of 6 Americans is missing.  If these children, who would now be 40, also had children, as many as one quarter of all Americans could be missing by now.



One person who escaped abortion very narrowly, yet lived to contribute mind-boggling contributions to our society’s present capabilities, was Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple.  What would our world be now, without Steve Jobs?



President Obama is another example of a person who might have been aborted, if Roe v. Wade had been legal at the time he was born.  As the black child of a single mother,  his chances of being aborted would have been extremely high. 77% of African-American pregnancies are aborted right now, a black child is 5 times as likely to be aborted as a white child.
Numerous potential Presidents may have been aborted in these past forty years.

Abortion is one of the biggest killers of history, and abortion is a much bigger deal than most people think.



A Striking Coincidence

President Barack Hussein Obama,
the most radically pro-abortion President in United States history,
will be re-inaugurated on January 21, 2013,
the eve of the 40th anniversary,
of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision.


The Significance of the number 40 for Christians

The number 40 is a very meaningful number in Judeo Christian history.

  • During the Old Testament great flood, rain fell for forty nights and forty days, during which all living beings on earth perished, except those on Noah’s ark.
  • Spies explored the land of Israel for forty days (Numbers 13).
  • The Old Testament Exodus from Egypt lasted 40 years, with the Jewish people wandering the Sinai desert. This period of years represents the time it takes for a new generation to arise.
  • Moses’ life is divided into 40 year segments in the Old Testament.
  • Eli, Saul, David, and Solomon, Jewish leaders and kings of the Old Testament, ruled for forty years.
  • Goliath challenged the Israelites twice a day for forty days before David defeated him.
  • Moses spend three consecutive periods of forty days and forty nights on Mount Sinai.
  • 40 lashes is one of the punishments meted out by the Sanhedrin.
  • Christ fasted and prayed in the desert for 40 days prior to His Temptation, Ministry, Passion, Death and Resurrection.
  • Forty days was the period from the Resurrection of Jesus to His Ascension into Heaven.
  • Lent consists of the forty days preceding Easter.

Madison Will Commemorate 40 Years with Prayer

Madison will commemorate the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade on January 12, 2013, by praying the rosary on the steps of the Wisconsin State Capitol. This event is sponsored by Pro-Life Wisconsin, Vigil for Life Madison, and the Diocese of Madison.
Details can be found in the flyer pictured below and the PDF flyer here.

January 12th, 2013
11AM at the State Street Steps of the Wisconsin State Capitol
Madison’s Capitol Square
Put It on Your Calendar
Come and Join Us!



Madison’s Media Continues to Diss the Catholic Church- Just in Time for Christmas



The past week has produced a barrage of media attacks on the Catholic Church in Madison.
Should not be too surprising; it is common for media to attack the Church immediately before Christmas and immediately before Easter.  Happens every year.  Happens nationally.  Happens globally.
Satan seems particularly resentful of these most important celebrations of Christ’s birth and Resurrection, during which the Christians of the world strengthen their commitment to Christ.  Satan becomes particularly active at these times.

While the rest of us are engaging in sacrifice, prayer and charitable works for Advent, trying to make ourselves more worthy to celebrate the miracle of Christ’s birth, the secular media fills that time with attacks on our beliefs.  Must be some guilt worm eating away at their insides. Or something. 😉

I’ve only addressed the worst one of the Madison media attacks this week, the attack by Madison’s  previous ex-Mayor Dave, but the attacks have been numerous, and Dave’s was not the first one.

Doug Erickson, Dave Ceislewicz and Chris Rickert

The attacks started with Doug Erickson and the Wisconsin State Journal (WSJ), folllowed by Dave Cieslewicz’s copycat article at Isthmus.  Dave’s article was the most obvious and vicious attack on the Church, so I addressed that one first in my last blog post.  Chris Rickert’s WSJ article followed.  The WSJ Doug Erickson and Chris Rickert attacks are typically a bit (though not much) more subtle than that of Dave Cieslewicz, and they use less slightly less direct means in attempting to discredit the Catholic Church in Madison. A complete list of articles and links which followed in the Madison media is included below.

The Nuns

The springboard for these attacks on the Church was the fact that Bishop Morlino of Madison directed Madison Catholic parishes not to enlist the services of two aged nuns who were trying to hold “retreats” in which heretical beliefs, contrary to Catholicism, were promoted.  The nuns were teaching “indifferentism,” the belief that all faiths are equal.

What’s Wrong with Indifferentism?

The rejection of indifferentism is not unique to the Catholic Church; most religions reject indifferentism and by definition, most religions believe that their own religion represents the truth more accurately than others do.  If they did not believe this, they would have no reason to stay in their own church. Duh.

Indifferentism poses a logical impossibility, since religions contradict each other in some areas, so they cannot all be true simultaneously.  Indifferentism attacks all religions, not just Catholicism, by implying the invalidation of all contradictory beliefs, essentially dismantling the veracity of all religions at the same time.
It’s the first domino used by militant atheists who try to discredit all religious belief.

A more correct position would be to acknowledge that all religions hold varying degrees of truth, and that some religions err in some areas.  Religious individuals obviously believe that their own religion is the most accurate one and holds the truth.  If they did not believe that, they would switch to a more accurate religion.  So attempts by anyone, media or nuns, to insist that all religions are equally good would be about at logical as insisting that all schools and universities are equally good.  They are not.

And most religions hold enough of the truth to realize that religions should respect each other and should focus on the important truths they hold in common, rather than infighting over the elements over which they disagree.

Atheists Reject Indifferentism

Even atheists reject indifferentism, insisting that their beliefs are more true and more “rational” than those of religious people.
Some even go to the extreme of wanting to ban public espression of Christain beliefs and ridiculing Christian beliefs publicly themselves.

Madison’s media has written numerous sympathetic and positive articles about Madison atheists, without criticising their rejection of indifferentism.
How can Madison’s media be so biased when they represent the Catholic Church?

So WSJ Leaked the Bishop’s Letter

So the  WSJ leaked the content of the Bishop’s letter, which warned Catholic parishes not to enlist the services of the two nuns who taught indifferentism, as well as teaching other heresies.
The letter was leaked to the Wisconsin State Journal (WSJ) by an unnamed person.
-Violation of confidentiality.
Doug Erickson published the details of the Bishop’s directive.
-Violation of charity.
How would you like it if the WSJ published the private details of your reprimand from your boss?  The Bishop’s correction of the two nuns was meant to be private, and nobody, including nuns, want their mistakes and sins laundered in public.

Spin as Usual; It’s Madison

Doug Erickson’s article gave a very sympathetic spin to the two aged nuns, minimizing the heretical nature of their teaching and emphasizing their wonderful and sweet qualities.
This generated the usual WSJ-anonymous-discussion-forum-free-for-all, in which Madison’s Church haters reliably crawl out of the woodwork, spewing hateful vitriol towards Catholicism and Madison’s Bishop, while simultaneously bringing a landslide of web traffic to WSJ’s website to view the circus.  Revenue is always useful, particularly at the expense of the Catholic Church’s reputation.

Catholics Fight Back

This Catholic-Church-attacking phenomenon has become so predictable in Madison, WI, that numerous real Catholics in Madison (as opposed to the two dissident nuns whom WSJ seems to favor), have even developed an alert system to watch for  WSJ attacks on the Church, and numerous faithful Catholics flock to join the WSJ discussion forums in defense of the Church.

In my case, my indignation at this treatment of Catholics in Madison over the years, particularly by the WSJ, the Capital Times, and the Isthmus, inspired me to establish a website three years ago for the sole purpose of defending my Church, my religious beliefs, and my conservative political beliefs which stem from my faith.

Apparently my voice reflects the views of numerous faithful people, since my humble amateur blog, with sparse and sporadic posting, has already received over half a million hits this month, as of  December 14th.

But of course, the faithful Christians/Conservatives whose views I represent are of no interest to Madison’s media.  They are more interested in two dissident nuns.  Madison’s Progressive media’s only interest is the rampant spread of progressive culture in Madison.

List of Madison Articles on the Two-Nun Issue in Less Than One Week

Not satisfied with their initial attempts to mis-portray and embarrass the Bishop of Madison, Madison’s newspapers  continued to publish a series of articles and letters related to the initial article all week.  Granted, some of the letters printed by WSJ were supportive of the Bishop, but often support was quickly followed by insult, as in Chris Rickert’s article published on December 13th.


The Diocese Offered Information

Of course, the Diocese offered accurate information as soon as the the Bishop’s private letter was leaked, but as usual, Madison’s media paid little heed to that.
Here are the links to the Diocese information:

From the Vicar General From the Vicar General
Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Statement to Priests from VG Re: Wisdom’s Well
Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Synopsis documents from VG re: Wisdom’s Well
Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Also: Monsignor James Bartylla: Catholic Church must protect truth of Gospel WSJ, Dec 12

Back to the Media Attacks

Chris Rickert’s WSJ Article; Pretense of Support Cloaks Deceptive Attack

Nobody could keep up with the barrage of old and false accusations listed above, which is cleverly interspersed with just a few supportive letters, to camouflage the thrust of the attack.
Not going to tackle each one, but Chris Rickert, a WSJ reporter, should know better than to write what he wrote in his Dec 13 article which pretends at first to support the Bishop.
Here’s my online forum response to Chris Rickert’s deceptive attack on the Catholic Church:

Chris Rickert-

You claim to defend the Bishop’s decision, yet you end with a doomsday forecast on the future of the Catholic Church, and a personal pronouncement that “official Catholicism is a regressive and controlling throwback in a modern world.”
That’s not even accurate reporting. It also borders on hate speech.

FYI, Catholicism is growing in Madison (30+ seminarians vs. 4 ten years ago), is growing in the United States, and is growing worldwide.
If you want to distinguish Catholicism into orthodox and heterodox, orthodox Catholicism is also growing. And it’s growing in Madison. Madison should look outside the bubble and face reality. And religion reporters should report on that reality.

Incidentally, creating categories of Catholicism is ridiculous; do we have orthodox and heterodox math?
Heterodox math is wrong math, and heterodox Catholicism is wrong Catholicism.
There is only one kind of Catholicism, and then there are different faiths, which are not Catholicism.

Speaking of orthodox Catholicism, I hear that one of the nation’s top Catholic bloggers, Father Z, is celebrating a Latin Mass in the Diocese of Madison this weekend. I’m sure that event will be packed.
It’s historic, it’s new, it’s Catholic, it’s orthodox, and it’s popular.
Is the WSJ planning to cover that story, and to cover it respectfully, or does that not fit your political agenda?
Or perhaps WSJ religion reporters prefer to sleep in on Sundays?
If you are serious journalists and interested in covering that event, information can certainly be obtained from the Bishop’s Office.

You also call Catholicism an uncompromising faith.
Are you advocating that truth should be compromised?
Or do you have no interest in truth?

The WSJ has not been reporting on religion, it has been dissing religion.
That is not the job of religion reporters.
Got to wonder where WSJ finds its religion reporters and what their qualifications are.

Syte Reitz


WSJ, Capital Times and Isthmus Tactics

The tactics used by Madison’s left in attacking the Catholic Church are immoral, dishonorable and repugnant.
They violate the Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics.
They resemble deceptive and unChristian standards of behavior like Alinsky Tactics and the  Thirty-Six Strategems, such as:

  • When the enemy is too strong to be attacked directly, then attack something he holds dear.
  • Make a sound in the east, then strike in the west.
  • Create something from nothing.
  • Hide a knife behind a smile.
  • Defeat the enemy by capturing their chief.
  • Sow discord in the enemy’s camp.
  • Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon
  • Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions.


Sadly, in Madison, Wisconsin, this is nothing new.





Citizen Dave: Failed Mayor, Now Fails Catholicism

Background: Dave Fails Mayor

Citizen Dave

Dave Cieslewicz used to be the mayor of Madison, WI.
He lost this position in the last election, and now blogs for a local radical rag in Madison called Isthmus, under the name of Citizen Dave (as opposed to Mayor Dave), where he frequently discusses his feelings about Madison.

Citizen Dave  was mayor of Madison in 2011, when unions were trying to intimidate the Wisconsin State Legislature and Governor Scott Walker into favoring unions during Wisconsin’s struggles with its faltering economy.

As Mayor, Citizen Dave did his best to assist unions and radicals in Madison.
When angry mobs broke into Madison’s State Capitol, Mayor Dave ordered Madison’s Police Chief not to allow his officers to participate in removing demonstrators from the building.
Then, Mayor Dave issued an official City of Madison statement supportive of the demonstrators, referring to crowds  “peacefully assembled to exercise democracy and First Amendment rights.”

Police help Wisconsin Assembly members to escape Madison from angry crowds.

In actual fact, legislators were told  by police to leave Madison because it was not safe for Republicans to be in Madison.  They escaped angry shouting mobs, and one legislator was chased around the Capitol building by an angry mob of 200 while police declined to protect the Senator.  The fire department finally came to rescue the cornered Senator from the angry mob.
More details on the goings-on in Madison under Mayor Dave in 2011 can be found in a series of articles I wrote last year, starting with What’s (Really) Happening In Wisconsin

Governor Walker stayed

The phrase “dereliction of duty” sure comes to mind.

Long Story Short

Long story short, Mayor Dave lost his next election, and Governor Walker was reelected during the attempted recall by a way bigger margin than the margin with which he was first elected.
Madison had spoken.
Wisconsin had spoken.
Not only most of Wisconsin, but also most of usually liberal Madison, had had enough.
Mayor Dave was gone, Governor Walker stayed.

Now Citizen Dave talks about his feelings in the local progressive rag, the Isthmus.
The Isthmus specializes in far left advocacy journalism, and it’s contributors and editors are often funded by George Soros-funded organizations like the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism.

Citizen Dave Fails Catholicism

Wearing his new Citizen blogger hat at the Isthmus, Dave discusses many things.
But one of his favorite topics seems to be criticizing the Catholic Church.
His efforts range from criticizing the Bishop of Madison for not putting up a shopping mall on the arson-destroyed Cathedral property on which the Church in Madison plans to rebuild a Cathedral, to his latest diatribe, which expounds on the immature rebellious attitudes which he apparently directed toward the Catholic Church in his teens.  A position from which he has apparently not evolved at the age of 53.

The Amoeba

The diatribe is launched from Citizen Dave’s disapproval of the Church’s banning of two heretic nuns from teaching in Madison’s Catholic parishes. In Citizen Dave’s mind, if God (and his Church) do not satisfy the challenges of a rebellious high-schooler, then Church history, God’s revelation, and our Madison Bishop’s experience and moral expertise are to be summarily dismissed. Citizen Dave does not appear to realize that if, in fact, a God exists, and is by definition responsible for the presence of the solar system, this planet, and Citizen Dave himself, that such a God would necessarily have an intellect so superior to Citizen Dave’s that Citizen Dave’s intelligence next to God’s, even during Dave’s apparently very enlightened high school life, would be as meager as the intelligence of an amoeba next to that of a human being.


So the amoeba is not in a great position to dismiss the existence of God with the sole justification that his amoeba brain cannot comprehend the mind of God.  “If I don’t comprehend it, it does not exist.” If Citizen Dave does not comprehend it, it does not exist.  What else does not exist? Quantum physics? The Mandarin language?  Brain surgery? And so, an amoeba goes on to blog attitudinally against the Catholic Church, which he abandoned in his teens.

Apparently, in Citizen Dave’s mind, the idea that the Catholic Church might forbid false teachings in it’s parishes does not seem to be obvious. Or that the Catholic Church and it’s experts might know a bit more about religion than he does. Citizen Dave wants to insist on the right to determine which individuals are permitted to teach in the Catholic Church that he has abandoned.

Teaching Fallacious Math


Wonder if Citizen Dave would insist similarly on the retention of math teachers who insist on teaching fallacious arithmetic in Madison’s schools, or on the retention of City engineers who advocate that Madison roads should be built from toothpicks?

Citizen Dave is not only a misinformed and lapsed Catholic, he’s not even a very logical man.

Bottom Line

Citizens Dave’s latest rant can be found at the Isthmus.
The article is high on resentment towards a bishop who is doing his job accurately and well, and is low on accuracy or information on the Catholic Church, or on Catholic nuns. Citizen Dave declares at the outset that he is not a “church hater.”  Protesting a bit too much, methinks.  His article comes across quite hateful, and completely intolerant.  Wonder if he would write that way about other groups, say Muslims, or women, or blacks?

Citizen Dave’s resentment of Bishop Morlino comes off a bit greedy; his previous Isthmus article berated Bishop Morlino for not putting up a shopping mall and parking ramp which Dave wanted on the Cathedral property.  Was he fantacising that he’s still mayor, and looking for resources he can commandeer for the City’s use, in typical progressive fashion?

In this latest article, Dave recalls the Bishop’s inability, on a $3 million dollar budget, to maintain the charitable MultiCultural Center when the recession hit several years ago.  Citizen Dave neglects to mention that the City of Madison, which Mayor Dave was running at the time on a $200 million dollar budget, provided no equivalent charitable center for the citizens of Madison. Moreover, when the Catholic Church’s center started to fail, the City of Madison only contributed $13,500 towards the saving of the failing Catholic center.  Perhaps Mayor Dave wished that the Diocese of Madison would do all his charitable work for him, despite a 10-fold lower budget than his.

Now, Citizen Dave, a “progressive Catholic,” (BTW, that’s an oxymoron), resents that the Bishop of Madison does not allow heretics to teach in Madison’s parishes.

Citizen Dave should stick to what he knows best.
I’m not sure what that is, but he should stick to it.
For sure, he should quit dissing my Church.
He did a pretty sad job of it in his Isthmus article on Bishop Morlino.
Egg on face, Dave.
Not very tolerant, no-longer mayor, of not very tolerant Madison.
Show some respect.


Lithuanian Rosary Prayers…

December 8, 2012
Feast of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary

(See Also, back by more popular demand, free Lithuanian Rosary mp3s, on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, 12-8-16)

Back by Popular Demand, More on Lithuanian Rosary Prayers:

Some rosary fans have requested individual recordings for each of the prayers.
The previous post on Lithuanian Rosary Prayers included all prayers on one recording.
The individual recordings provided here will facilitate repetition of one prayer at a time for practice.
Click on each link to listen to the prayer in Lithuanian.



THE OUR FATHER, Lithuanian


GOD THE FATHER – Cima da Conegliano

  THE HAIL MARY, Lithuanian

OUR LADY OF GRACE at San Giovanni Rotondo
-Padre Pio’s favorite

THE GLORY BE, Lithuanian

Sanctuary Ceiling
Holy Redeemer Church, Madison, WI



The Synaxis of the holy and the most praiseworthy Twelve Apostles
14th Century


The Coronation of Mary
Vatican Museums




For Lithuanian prayer texts, as well as names of the Mysteries of the Rosary in Lithuanian, see the previous Lithuanian Rosary post.

More Coming Soon: Instructions on How to Pray the Rosary…

Join Rosary for the Bishop and/or see World Participation Map.







The Fiscal Cliff…

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Jay Leno with some perspective on the approaching FISCAL CLIFF:

– from the Media Research Center.

Obama: Roll Over and Do What I Ask

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Video from Media Research Center


Roll Over and Do What I Ask!


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