Democrat Thugs.  In Wisconsin.  Again.


God Help Us In This Election!


Early Friday morning, Oct 19th, a young man was beaten by Democrat thugs in Whitewater, Wisconsin.  He was beaten because he caught two thugs removing the Romney/Ryan sign in his front yard at 2 AM, and he demanded they return it.  After being choked and beaten, he was rescued by a neighbor, who called an ambulance, and the young man was hospitalized with possible skull and eye socket fractures. The young man happened to be Sean Kedzie, son of Wisconsin State Senator Niel Kedzie.  A young man who saves lost dogs and shares his bedroll with them.

Sean Kedzie with Mazzy, the dog he saved

This was not reported by the Wisconsin State Journal., a national conservative website,  reported it first, on Monday, October 22 (caution: graphic photo; Wisconsin Senator’s Son Beaten to a Pulp by Obama Thugs).

As of this morning, the Wisconsin State Journal , or the WSJ Progressive, as I have renamed it, had still not reported it.  Around noon today, a short article was published at, entitled Police Investigating Attack on Senator’s Son.  The article is just 6 lines long, gives little information, and does not mention Democrats or hate crimes. The title and the “article” are designed to help sweep this event under the rug. In Madison, liberal thugs are always protected.

This boorish behavior by Democrats, followed by media and police turning a blind eye, is reminiscent of the Madison Teacher’s Union demonstrations which took over Madison’s Capitol building in early 2011, and during which police and newspapers neglected to challenge the unlawful destructive behavior of unruly mobs and of legislators who were breaking laws to prevent the democratic passage of legislation.

Let us hope that Democrats lose extraordinarily on November 6th!
Wisconsin cannot take this any longer.
The United States cannot take this any longer.
We need civilized people at the helm.

The Democrat party, which used to champion many important social causes in the past, including pro-life positions held by Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy, Harry Reid, Joe Biden, and  Al Gore, has in recent years turned into a group of uncivilized radicals who lie, cheat, and fight dirty.  They are about to turn the United States into a one party system, because America is


getting disgusted with their paid union thug tactics, their Alinsky tactics, and their lies.  Even President Obama has shown an unprofessional level of petty aggressiveness and lies, particularly in the recent debates.

The Democrat Party is shooting themselves in the foot.  I predict an abysmal failure for them in the coming election.  America has had it with them.  During President Romney’s next two terms, I hope Democrats can purge themselves of union radicals, of progressives, and of pro-aborts, and return to offering a compassionate and civilized alternative to voters in the United States.  The Democratic Party needs a major revamping.  They have gone over the edge.

Our thoughts, our prayers, and our best wishes are with Sean Kedzie and his family.
A political martyr in Wisconsin.
Who would have believed that?
Of course, few will find out, the way the Wisconsin State Journal handled it.
Let’s see  how well the police do in catching the thugs.