Our President or Dirty Old Man?

The Obama campaign is now approving sexually suggestive You Tube advertising aimed at 18 year old girls.
That bears repeating.  A 51-year-old President is pitching sex to 18 year old girls.

NOTE: Now in 2018 YOU TUBE lists this link as “Video Unavailable.” Somebody figured out this was not a good idea.
Transcript of Obama’s words available at OBAMA CAMPAIGN TO GIRLS

The latest Obama ad mimics one of Vladimir Putin’s ads from February, in which Putin asked voters for their political virginity.

Putin’s February 2012 ad

Obama’s ad, “The First Time,” is more straightforward than Putin’s. Young actress Lena Dunham faces the camera and says, “Your first time shouldn’t be with just anybody. You want to do it with a great guy.”

The Obama campaign might have thought the now-infamous ad would be “cool,” or might attract young women’s votes.
Miscalculation! Attract attention, yes.  Votes?  No.

Obama has managed to gross America out:
Obama is promoting promiscuity. Parents won’t like that.
Obama is flirting with 18-year-old virgins.  He is 33 years older than them.  YUK!
Obama is double-crossing his wife. Is Michelle loving this?
Obama is scandalizing his daughters. Imagine your father trying to being publicly “sexy?” Double YUK!
With girls almost your age? Triple YUK!
Obama is trivializing democracy and the vote.
Obama is insulting the intelligence of young women.
Obama is betraying his too-close association with Vladimir Putin, reminding us that he will “have more flexibility” after the election.

Who is likely to respond positively to this ad?
Of 132 million voters who voted in 2008, who will find this ad persuasive?
Men? Strike 61 million votes.
Mothers? Strike 35 million votes.
Young women?
Strike the serious Christians, the fiscally responsible ladies and all pro-life women.
What does that leave Mr. Obama with?
Maybe a handful of promiscuous flakes who have a thing for men almost 3 times their age.

This ad betrays more about Obama than we want to know.
To Obama, women are just a bunch of “lady parts” attached to a very low-I.Q. head, whose vote he thinks he can buy for a few free pills or for a few cheap thrills.

Barack Obama called himself “eye candy” on “The View”

Obama also seems to suffer the delusion that he is “eye candy” for the ladies.

Bad move, Mr. President.
You are grossing the nation out.

Breitbart.com summarizes the Obama campaign- “more interested in binders, Big Bird, birth control, and “bullshi**er” as opposed to exploding gas prices and increased poverty.”
Now we can add “Perv” to Obama’s list of embarrassing interests.